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The Editorial Analysis- Thinking before Linking

Thinking before Linking- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: Governance, Administration and Challenges- Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

The Editorial Analysis – Age and Marriage


Thinking before Linking- Election Laws (Amendment) Bill

  • Recently, the parliament has passed the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 that aims to link electoral roll data with the Aadhaar ecosystem along with many other electoral reforms.

The Editorial Analysis- Wrong Forum


Linking Electoral Roll Data with the Aadhaar Ecosystem- Key Points

  • Key Objectives: Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 aims to-
    • To purify the rolls and weed out bogus voters,
    • Ensure Gender neutrality among service voters
    • Easing the procedure for inclusion in the Electoral roll by providing four qualifying dates for revision of rolls instead of one.
  • Expected Benefits:
    • Seeding of Aadhaar data with voters is expected to result in eliminating the problem of multiple entries of the same person in a constituency of in multiple constituencies.
    • Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 may allow remote voting which is beneficial especially to the migrant voters.
    • Providing multiple dates for revision of electoral rolls will help in faster enrolment of those who turn 18.

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Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021- Associated Concerns

  • Inadequate Discussion and Consultation: Lack of consultation with all stakeholders and poor discussion on the floor of the Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha could undermine progressive aspects of problematic legislation.
    • The government pushed through the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 in Parliament to link electoral roll data with the Aadhaar ecosystem without much discussion.
  • Exclusion of Voters: Critics believe that the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 may result in the disenfranchisement of legitimate voters unwilling or unable to submit Aadhaar details.
    • The choice not to submit is linked to a “sufficient cause”, which will be separately prescribed.
    • Whether the few permissible reasons not to intimate one’s Aadhaar number include an objection on principle is unknown.
  • Violation of Individual Privacy: In the absence of any comprehensive Privacy Law in the country, Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 may result in-
    • Possible violation of privacy, and
    • Possible misuse of demographic details for profiling of voters.

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Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021- Way Forward

  • Using other methods to identify bogus voters: other identification processes can be deployed to eliminate the duplicate voter IDs.
    • The Aadhaar database may be irrelevant to verify voter identity because it is an identifier of residents and not citizens.
  • Consultation and Participation of relevant stakeholders: Government must invite public opinion and allow deeper parliamentary scrutiny before implementing the new provisions of the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021.


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Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021

Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021

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