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Mrs. World Winners List 2022, Complete List 1984 to 2022 Download PDF

Why Mrs. World Winners List 2022 is Important for Competitive Exams?


Mrs. World Winners List 2022: Mrs. World is the first beauty pageant for married women, conceived in 1984. Over the years, Mrs. World snowballed into the biggest marital pageant in the world. So, it is important for solving MCQs for various competitive examinations.


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Why Mrs. World Pageant in News?


  • Recently, Sargam Koushal from India has been crowned by Mrs. World 2022.
  • Sargam Koushal has been awarded by Mrs. World pageant that was held in December 2022 in Las Vegas, United States.


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Know About Mrs. World Pangent


  • Mrs. World is an international beauty pageant for married women.
  • Its inspiration came from Mrs. America, a groundbreaking beauty contest that highlighted the distinctive qualities of married women, their families, and their communities.
  • This publication started in the year 1984, and from 1984 to 1987, it was known as Mrs. Woman of the World. Later, it was changed to Mrs. World in 1988.
  • Over the years, Mrs. World grew to become the largest marriage pageant in the world, with judges from 80 different nations.
  • In 1984, Rosy Senanayake became the first woman to be crowned Mrs. World. Senanayake is a Sri Lankan politician, a former beauty queen, and also an activist.


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Complete Mrs. World Winners List(1984 to 2022)


Here is the list of Mrs. World winners since its inception in 1984. No competition held in 1985, 1990 to 1994, 1996 to 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, and 2015.

Year Country/Territory Mrs. World
2022 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_3.1 India Sargam Koushal
2021 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_4.1 United States Shaylyn Ford
2020 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_5.1 Ireland Kate Schneider (Assumed)
Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_6.1 Sri Lanka Caroline Jurie (Resigned)
2019 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_7.1 Vietnam Jennifer Lê
2018 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_8.1 Hong Kong Alice Lee Giannetta
2017 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_9.1 Peru Guiliana Miryam Zevallos
2016 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_10.1 South Africa Candice Abrahams
2014 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_11.1 Belarus Marina Alekseichik
2013 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_4.1 United States Kaley Sparling
2011 April Lufriu
2009 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_13.1 Russia Victoria Radochinskaya
2008 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_14.1 Ukraine Natalia Shmarenkova
2007 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_4.1 United States Diane Tucker
2006 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_13.1 Russia Sofia Arzhakovskaya
2005 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_17.1 Israel Sima Bakahr
2003 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_18.1 Thailand Suzanna Vichinrut
2002 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_4.1 United States Nicole Brink
2001 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_3.1 India Aditi Govitrikar
2000 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_4.1 United States Starla Stanley
1999 Starla Kay Stanley
1995 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_22.1 Costa Rica Marisol Soto de Volio
1989 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_9.1 Peru Lucila Boggiano
1988 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_4.1 United States Pamela Nail
1987 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_25.1 New Zealand Barbara Riley
1986 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_26.1 Colombia Astrid de Navia
1984 Mrs. World Winners List(1984-2022)_6.1 Sri Lanka Rosy Senanayake


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Mrs. World From India


India has a long history of pageants, including Miss World and Miss Universe. The Indian representatives made everyone proud, and now Mrs. Sargam Koushal is crowned as the second Mrs. World from India.

Aditi Govitrikar(2001)

  • She was 1st Mrs World From India
  • Aditi Govitrikar was born on May 21, 1974, and is an Indian actress, physician, and former model.
  • In the year 2001, Aditi won the first title of Mrs. World for India.

Sargam Koushal(2022)

  • She has become 2nd Mrs. World From India.
  • Mrs. World Sargam Koushal is 32 years old, and she hails from Jammu.
  • Apart from being a model, Sargam is also a painter and a writer.
  • Sargam also worked as a teacher, a painter and a writer.
  • Sargam has also been an English teacher.


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FAQs on Mrs. World Winners List 2022


Q. Who is the winner of Mrs. World 2022?
Ans. Sangram Koushal from Jammu and Kashmir India is the winner of Mrs. World title of 2022.

Q. What is the criteria for competing for Mrs. World?
Ans. For competing for Mrs. World, the applicant should be 21-48 years old and must abide by all of the rules of the organization.

Q. Where did the event of Mrs. world 2022 held?

Ans. The event of Mrs. world 2022 held at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in the US.

Q. How many Indians won Mrs. world?

Ans. Only two Indians won Mrs. world. They are: Aditi Govitrikar(2001) and Sargam Koushal(2022).

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