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Nagaland Governors List PDF Download 1963-2023

Nagaland Governors List 1963-2023-01

Every year thousands of teaching vacancies are released all over India. Teaching candidates aspire to crack the Government Teaching Exams to secure a good Government Teaching Exam. The preparation for such Government Teaching Job Exam requires a comprehensive study of the syllabus and constant revision. Although subjects like General Awareness require more than bookish knowledge. Candidates are required to know the current affairs of national and international significance. Therefore, in the following article, we will discuss one such common and repeated topic- The list of Nagaland Governors.

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Nagaland Governors

The Nagaland Governor is appointed by the President of India and the Nagaland Governor acts as a representative of the President in the state of Nagaland. The Governor of Nagaland is bestowed with various ceremonial powers and executive roles by the Constitution of India. One of the most significant roles the Nagaland Governors play is the appointment of the Chief Minister of Nagaland and the cabinet ministers of Nagaland on the advice of the Chief Minister. The Current Nagaland Governor is La Ganesan.

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Nagaland Governors List 1963-2023

The Nagaland Governors List 1963-2023 is given in the following table. The candidates must go through the table mentioned below to find the name of the Nagaland Governors from 1963 to 2023 along with their tenure.

Name Took office Left office
Vishnu Sahay, ICS (Retd.) 1 December 1963 16 April 1968
B.K. Nehru, ICS (Retd.) 17 April 1968 18 September 1973
L.P. Singh, ICS (Retd.) 19 September 1973 9 August 1981
S. M. H. Burney, IAS (Retd.) 10 August 1981 12 June 1984
Gen.(Retd.) K. V. Krishna Rao, PVSM. 13 June 1984 19 July 1989
Dr. Gopal Singh 20 July 1989 3 May 1990
Dr. M. M. Thomas 9 May 1990 12 April 1992
Loknath Mishra 13 April 1992 1 October 1993
Lt. Gen.(Retd.)V. K. Nayar PVSM, SM 2 October 1993 4 August 1994
O. N. Shrivastava, IPS (Retd.) 5 August 1994 11 November 1996
Om Prakash Sharma, IPS (Retd.) 12 November 1996 27 January 2002
Shyamal Datta, IPS (Retd.) 28 January 2002 2 February 2007
K. Sankaranarayanan 3 February 2007 28 July 2009
Gurbachan Jagat, IPS (Retd.) 28 July 2009 14 Oct 2009
Nikhil Kumar, IPS (Retd.) 15 Oct 2009 20 March 2013
Ashwani Kumar 21 March 2013 27 June 2014
Krishan Kant Paul (additional charge) 2 July 2014 19 July 2014
Padmanabha Acharya 19 July 2014 31 July 2019
R. N. Ravi 1 August 2019 17 September 2021
Jagdish Mukhi (additional charge) 17 September 2021 19 February 2023
La. Ganesan 20 February 2023 Incumbent
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Who is the first Nagaland Governor?

Vishnu Sahay, ICS (Retd.) became the first Governor of Nagaland from 1 December 1963 to 16 April 1968.

Who is the current Nagaland Governor?

La. Ganesan is the current Nagaland Governor since 20 February 2023.

Who is the current Chief Minister of Nagaland?

Neiphiu Rio is the current Chief Minister of Nagaland.

What is the term of office of a Governor in Nagaland?

The term of office of a Governor in Nagaland is five years.