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English Study Notes For All Teaching Exams (CTET&TETs)

In many teaching exams including DSSSB, STET, EMRS etc. English is the most crucial subject in Language Section. This subject as a Language I or II contains overall 30 marks in REET/CTET both papers each which includes Comprehension – 15 Questions,  Pedagogy of Language Development – 15 Questions. The examination pattern of English subjects for both papers will be based on the primary level for Paper I and the upper primary level for Paper II. These questions are very important for all teaching exams like CTET and All state TETs exams.

How to Learn English For Teaching Exams

Most of the candidates are not score well in the Language section due to difficulty in the grammar part as well as the pedagogy topic. They become clueless as to where they should find the English Study Materials. It is an opportunity to improve your performance, and to score good marks in CTET 2021 one has to clarify the syllabus and the topics.

In the EMRS Teaching recruitment exam, General English comes for 10 marks in the teaching recruitment exam for various teaching posts.

Study Notes Related to English Content:

1. How to Solve Error Correction Questions
2. How to Solve Sentence Improvement Questions
3. How to Solve Reading Comprehension
4. Phrasal Verbs Part 1
Part 2
5. Rules for Active and Passive Voice
6. Rules For Prepositions
7. Synonyms And Antonyms (Part A)
7. Synonyms And Antonyms (Part B)
8. Conjunctions
9. Adverbs
10. Nouns: Number
11. Subject and Verb Agreement
12. Tenses
13. Idioms And Phrases
14. Question Tags
15. Important Grammar Pronoun Rules
16. Figure of Speech
17. Types of Sentences
18. Infinitives And Gerunds
19. Articles
20. One Word Substitutions
21. Narrations Part 1
Part 2

Study Notes Related to English Pedagogy:

1. Language Skills
2. Teaching Learning Materials
3. Role of Grammar in Learning
4. Challenges of Teaching & Learning Styles In A Diverse Classroom
5. Evaluation of Comprehension
6. Methods of Teaching Grammar
7. Learning Disorders In the English Language
8. Remedial Teaching In the English Language
9. Function of Language Role of Listening
Role of Speaking
10. Principles of English Language Teaching
11. Learning And Acquisition
    Practice more English Quiz Here :

English Pedagogy Previous Year Questions:

1. Principle Of Language Teaching
2. Learning and Acquisition
3. Role of Listening and Speaking: Function of Language
4. Language Skills
5. Role of Grammar In Learning A Language
6. Evaluation of Comprehension and Language Skills

English Practice Quiz

1 English Miscellaneous Quiz
2. English Miscellaneous Quiz
3. English Miscellaneous Quiz
4. English Miscellaneous Quiz
5 English Miscellaneous Quiz
6. English Miscellaneous Quiz
7. English Pedagogy Mega Quiz
8. English Miscellaneous Quiz
9. English Miscellaneous Quiz
10. English Miscellaneous Quiz
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