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How To Crack UGC NET In First Attempt?

UGC NET 2023 Subject wise Exam schedule has been released by the NTA. UGC NET Exam 2023 Phase I will be going to held on 21- 24 February 2023 all over India for 57 subjects. The candidates preparing for the UGC NET Exam 2023 must start their preparation for the exam asap. UGC NET Exam is one of the most essential examinations for students who wish to pursue their PhD or want to become assistant professors.

UGC NET Exam Date 2023

Especially for research candidates, UGC NET Exam is mandatory eligibility criteria that they have to comply with. Thus, every year lakhs of candidates appear for the UGC NET Exam, with the aspiration to crack the exam with flying colours. However, many candidates still enquire if it is possible to crack the UGC NET Exam on their first attempt. In this article, we will discuss if it is possible or not and if yes, then how to crack UGC NET in the first attempt.

UGC NET 2023 Notification

Is it possible to Crack UGC NET In First Attempt?

Yes, it is possible to crack UGC NET in the first attempt. All you need is a reliable strategy, focus, dedication, and patience. Let’s understand one thing very clearly, it is possible to crack UGC NET in the first attempt, but it won’t be easy.

Lakhs of candidates appear for the exam and many among them appear for a second or maybe a third time. Thus, you must invest all your energy, time, and concentration in the UGC NET exam and nothing else. The only thing apart from the exam you can think of is your health and it is essential you do not compromise your health. And finally, you need to have faith in yourself that you can do it.

UGC NET Syllabus 2023

How to Crack UGC NET in First Attempt?

Now that you are clear about the difficulty level of the exam, you need a road map and understanding of the most potentially effective tools that will help you crack the exam. Keep the UGC NET Syllabus, exam pattern, and previous year’s question papers. These are the tools that will help you in your preparation journey. Let’s hop on to the tips and tricks that will help you crack UGC NET in the first attempt.

UGC NET Exam Centres 2023 With Exam Cities State Wise

Analyze the syllabus and exam pattern

As mentioned above the candidates must keep a copy of the syllabus ready always. Now, go through the syllabus minutely and make sure you understand the extent of the syllabus properly. Go through the topics one by one and start making a mental note of your strong and weak points. Simultaneous study the UGC NET Exam Pattern carefully. See the marks distribution and how many marks are dedicated to which sections. Based on your study of the syllabus and exam pattern, you will be able to make a strategy.

Paper Marks No. of Questions Subject/ Topic
Paper-I 100 50 Teaching and Research Aptitude.
Paper-II 100 100 The subject was selected by the candidate.

Scrutinize Previous Year’s Question Papers

Collect and scrutinize as many UGC NET Previous Year’s Question Papers as possible. This will help you identify the nature and type of questions that have already appeared in the last years. You will start comprehending the style of question framing and what type of questions are asked in specific questions respectively.

UGC NET Previous Year’s Question Papers

Make a strategy

Based on your understanding of the syllabus, exam pattern, and previous year’s question paper, you will be able to prepare a proper strategy for your preparation regime. While you strategize make sure you dedicate adequate time to all the subjects and topics in order to cover the syllabus properly. Your strategy should be to create a balanced routine. It should neither turn into a hyperactive machine of collecting information rampantly nor make you lag behind your schedule.

Break Down the Curriculum

The best way to create a balanced study routine is to break down your syllabus into smaller sections and dedicate adequate time to each section on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Set achievable and reasonable goals as your daily and weekly targets. This will depend on the difficulty level of the section, your strengths, and weaknesses, and how many marks are allotted to the section. When you evaluate all these factors, you will get your answer. Finally, do not forget to allow time for breaks and relaxation, so you don’t feel guilty while taking a nap.

Follow your Routine

Needless to say, you have to follow your routine diligently to achieve the desired results. Achieve your daily and weekly. At the end of the week, evaluate your learning curve to monitor your progress. You have to study at least 10-12 hours daily to be able to get your concepts clear and understand every theory with its minutest detail.

UGC NET Exam Intimation Slip 2023 Cities & Locations

Make Handmade Notes

While studying, try to make handmade notes. Later, organize them subject and topics wise. This will save a lot of time in the final phase of your preparation. You won’t have to hop from one study material to other in search of the information you look for during your revision. Moreover, studies say that people tend to remember and recall more when they read and memorize things in their handwriting.

Attempt Mock tests

Once you are done with your syllabus, start attempting Mock Tests. Mock tests are a great way to get acquainted with the pressure of solving question papers in a time-bound manner. Practice will help increase your speed, accuracy, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, you will start understanding the style of question framing and how to attempt them.

Evaluate and Assess Your Progress

These mock tests are a great way to evaluate your performance. Scrutinize the result of each mock test and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Now, turn your focus on your weaknesses. Go through all those chapters, concepts, and theories that need your special attention. Work on them till you are satisfied with your preparation.

Focus on Revision

The more you revise, the more you will be able to retain the information in your brain longer. Revise the syllabus again and again. Do not leave any chapter thinking you have already covered it. Revise it again in case you might need it.

Don’t Panic

No matter how hard or smart your study, all your hard work will go to waste if you start panicking and lose your cool during your exam. It is but natural to feel anxious and nervous. However, don’t let your anxiousness rule your better judgment. Stay calm and composed during your exam. Do breathing exercises regularly to check your anxiety levels. Moreover, have faith in yourself and your capabilities.

Remember you have given all your energy, time, effort, and focus into the preparation for the UGC NET Exam. All you have to do is go and answer the questions. It is easier said than done. yet you have to give your best shot to be able to crack UGC NET in your first attempt.

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Q: What is the date of the UGC NET exam 2023?

A: UGC NET 2023 exam will be conducted on 21 February 2023 to 10 March 2023 by the NTA.

Q: What is the validity of the UGC NET?

A: There is no valid for the post of Assistant Professor. However, the JRF award letter is valid for a period of three years starting from the day of issuance of the letter.

Q: Is a Ph.D. compulsory to appear for UGC NET?

A: No, Ph.D. is not compulsory to appear for the UGC NET exam.