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Complete Notes on Child Development and Pedagogy For all Teaching Exams

CDP or Child Development & Pedagogy is an important & scoring Section for all teaching exams. Child Development and  Pedagogy help teachers to understand child psychology in the classroom. CDP has a great weightage from an exam point of view i.e. CTET, UPTET, HTET, DSSSB, EMRS, UGC NET, MPTET and many more. These questions are very important for all Teaching exams. 

To make your exam simple and easy we have added the most important Child Development and Pedagogy study notes (बाल विकास और शिक्षा शास्त्र) questions for all kinds of teaching exams. Child Development and Pedagogy questions come in all kinds of the Teaching exams 

Child Pedagogy Section in TET: How to Improve Your Score

Child Development and Pedagogy  Weightage in Teaching Exam 

Below we have added the table of CDP questions in particular teaching exams. Almost all TET exams add the CDP questions to their exams. So candidates must prepare this topic in detail. 

Exams Total Marks Total Questions
CTET Paper 1 30 Marks 30
CTET Paper 2 30 marks 30
UPTET Paper 1 30 Marks 30
UPTET Paper 2 30 marks 30
EMRS Principal & Vice-Principal – Academic  30 marks 30
EMRS TGT & PGT -Teaching Aptitude / Pedagogy 20 marks 20
UTET Paper 1 30 marks 30
UTET Paper 2 30 marks 30
MPTET Primary Teacher 30 marks 30
UGC NET 10 marks 5
DSSSB PRT 100 100
DSSSB TGT 10-15 10-15
DSSSB PGT 20-25 20-25
KVS PRT 20 20
KVS TGT 40 40
KVS PGT 20 20
NVS TGT 15 15
NVS PGT 20 20

Child Development & Pedagogy  (CDP) subject helps teachers to understand the educational psychology of child which is required for the teaching and learning process in the classroom environment. Child Development and  Pedagogy (CDP) also provides a pedagogical perspective to guide a teacher in developing effective teaching-learning techniques, evaluation processes, assessment strategies and learning experiences for their students. We have given the question of बाल विकास और शिक्षा शास्त्र Child development and pedagogy pdf notes along with CDP MCQs

Top 500 Child Pedagogy Questions in Hindi for UPTET Exam: Download PDF

CDP Difficulty Level:

The difficulty level of CDP Questions depends upon the exam & the post wise. The level of the Questions reflects the psychology of the Child at that age. 

  • For PRT Post: Upto 8th Class
  • For TGT Post: Upto 10th Class
  • For PGT Post: Upto 12th Class
  • For Assistant Professor: Upto college level

Teacheradda is providing you with all study material and study notes for all teaching exams which are based on their latest exam pattern & syllabus. Here is the list of monthly CDP study notes which can help you in upcoming exam preparation. You can study the Child Development and Pedagogy topics from this article because we have added the details. We have added the all-important Child Development & Pedagogy notes which are very useful for all kinds of TET and CTET exams.

Download 300+ CDP Questions for Teaching Exams

S.No Topic
1 Stages of Teaching
2 Kothari Commission
3 NCF 2005
4 Difference Between Operant and Classical Conditioning
5 Flander’s Interaction Category System
6 Stages of Development
7 Creativity
8 Teaching Strategies & Techniques
9 Laws of Learning
10 Teaching Methods
11 Curriculum Approaches
12 New Education Policy
13 PWD Act
14 Learning Assessment
15 Micro Teaching
16 Learning Disabilities
17 Development
18 Concept Of IQ
19 Learning Curve
20 Teaching Continuum
21 Classifications of Intelligence Tests
22 Validity and Reliability
23 Tools & Techniques of Evaluation
24 Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
25 Growth & Development – Factors and Difference
26 National Education Policy 2020 shifted from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 System
27 National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 : Focus on Sanskrit Language
28 Constitutional Provisions for Scheduled Castes
29 Brain and Emotions
30 National Education Policy 2020
31 Child Crime and its Types
33 Education Initiatives for Economically Weaker Sections
34 Gender Roles
35 Curriculum
36 Right Of Children To Free & Compulsory Education
37 Naturalism and Education
38 Idealism and Education
39 Gandhi’s Basic Education
40 Pragmatism and Education
41 Swami Vivekananda – Man Making Education
42 Basic Terms of learning
43 Forgetting
44 Type of Psychological Test
45 Teachers Made Test vs Standardized Tests
46 Rubrics And its Importance
47 Project Method
48 Attitude Values And Interest
49 Mean , Median , Mode
50 Early Childhood Care and Education(ECCE)
51 Assessment Techniques
52 Tools of Assessment
53 Normal Probability Distribution
54 Learning Theories
55 Classification of Assessment


Study Notes on All Theories:

Below we have added all vital theories of Child Development and Pedagogy for CTET and other STET exams. Each and every CDP theory and principles are numbers scoring in your exams. 

S.No Topic
1 Jung’s & Kretchmer’s Classification of Personality
2 3 A’s of Piaget theory of cognitive development
3 Freud’s Id, Ego, and Superego
4 Watson Learning Theory
5 Heredity Theories
6 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory
7 Sheldon and Eysenck’s Classification of Personality
8 Models of Gagne’s Conditions of Learning
9 Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development
10 Vygotsky Theory of Socio-Cultural Development
11 Bruner’s Theory of Cognitive Development
12 Kohler’s Insight Theory
13 Piaget Theory of Moral Development
14 Albert Bandura Social Learning Theory
15 Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development
16 Emotion and its theories
17 Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning Theory
18 Thorndike’s Operant Conditioning Theory

Child Pedagogy Practice Quiz for CTET

S. No. Click on the link given below to download the Child Pedagogy question PDF for Teaching Exams:
1 Child Pedagogy Miscellaneous Quiz
2 Child Pedagogy Miscellaneous Quiz
3 Child Pedagogy Miscellaneous Quiz
4. Child Pedagogy Miscellaneous Quiz
5. Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in English
Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in Hindi
6.  Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in English
Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in Hindi
7.  Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in English
Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in Hindi
8. Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in English
Child Pedagogy Mega Quiz in Hindi

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