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List of Assam Governors 1947-2023 PDF Download

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In the following article, the candidates will find all the detailed information on the List of Assam Governors 1947-2023. Head of Government Positions is a common and repeated topic in any Government Teaching Job Exams. Therefore the candidates must read and remember the List of Assam Governors 1947-2023 to be able to ace the respective Teaching Job Exams.

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List of Assam Governors

Assam Governor is appointed by the President of India and serves as the titular head of the state of Assam. The Governor of Assam is bestowed with various ceremonial responsibilities and limited executive powers. Assam Governor appoints the Chief Minister of Assam and he is responsible for appointing the other cabinet ministers of Assam on the advice of the Chief Minister. The current Assam Governor is Gulab Chand Kataria and he was appointed on 22 February 2023.

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List of Assam Governors 1947-2023 PDF Download

Here is the List of Assam Governors from 1947 to 2023 in the following table. The candidates will find the names of the Assam Governors along with their tenure.

Name Tenure Stated Tenure Ended
Sir Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari 15 August 1947 28 December 1948
Sir Ronald Francis Lodge (acting) 30 December 1948 16 February 1949
Sri Prakasa 16 February 1949 27 May 1950
Jairamdas Daulatram 27 May 1950 15 May 1956
Saiyid Fazal Ali 15 May 1956 22 August 1959
Chandreswar Prasad Sinha 23 August 1959 14 October 1959
General (Retired) Satyavant Mallannah Shrinagesh 14 October 1959 12 November 1960
Vishnu Sahay 12 November 1960 13 January 1961
General (Retired) Satyavant Mallannah Shrinagesh 13 January 1961 7 September 1962
Vishnu Sahay 7 September 1962 17 April 1968
Braj Kumar Nehru 17 April 1968 19 September 1973
Justice Parbati Kumar Goswami (acting for Nehru) 8 December 1970 4 January 1971
Lallan Prasad Singh 19 September 1973 10 August 1981
Prakash Mehrotra 10 August 1981 28 March 1984
Justice Tribeni Sahai Misra 28 March 1984 15 April 1984
Bhishma Narain Singh 15 April 1984 10 May 1989
Harideo Joshi 10 May 1989 21 July 1989
Justice Anisetti Raghuvir 21 July 1989 2 May 1990
Justice Devi Das Thakur 2 May 1990 17 March 1991
Loknath Mishra 17 March 1991 1 September 1997
Lt. General (Retired) Srinivas Kumar Sinha 1 September 1997 21 April 2003
Arvind Dave 21 April 2003 5 June 2003
Lt. General (Retired) Ajai Singh 5 June 2003 4 July 2008
Shiv Charan Mathur 4 July 2008 25 June 2009
K Sankaranarayanan 26 June 2009 27 July 2009
Syed Sibtey Razi 27 July 2009 10 November 2009
Janaki Ballabh Patnaik 11 November 2009 11 December 2014
Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya 12 December 2014 17 August 2016
Banwarilal Purohit 22 August 2016 10 October 2017
Jagdish Mukhi 10 October 2017 14 February 2023
Gulab Chand Kataria 22 February 2023 Incumbent



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Who is the current Assam Governor?

Gulab Chand Kataria is the current Assam Governor.

Who was the first Governor of Assam?

Sir Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari was the first Governor of Assam.

Whom did Gulab Chand Kataria succeed as the Governor of Asssam?

Gulab Chand Kataria succeeded Jagdish Mukhi as the Governor of Assam.