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Jharkhand All Governors List 1947 – 2023 PDF Download

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Teaching Aspirants in India preparing for Government Teaching Jobs for better career prospects must have a detailed understanding of how to prepare properly. These Teaching Government Exams are designed to test the understanding of the candidates on their subjects and their general knowledge. Therefore, a section on General Awareness is very common in a Government Teaching Exam 2023. Hence, the candidates must prepare for topics like the Chief Minister of Various States in India or the List of Governors in India or a particular state such as the List of Jharkhand Governors since Independence. In the following article, we will discuss the list of Jharkhand Governors in depth.

List of Governors in Karnataka

List of Jharkhand Governors 1947 – 2023

As Jharkhand attained statehood in the year 2000, the First Governor of Jharkhand appointed was Prabhat Kumar on 15th November 2000.  The Tenure of the Governor of Jharkhand or any other state in India is 5 Years. Since 2000, Jharkhand has witnessed the appointment of 10 Governors of Jharkhand. The Current  Jharkhand Governor is C. P. Radhakrishnan who was appointed on 18th February 2023. Smt. Droupadi Murmur (the Current President of India) was the Jharkhand Governor for more than 6 years from 2015 to 2021. Vinod Chandra Pande took the office for 160 days as an additional charge in 2002 making his tenure the shortest served tenure as the Governor of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand All Governors List 1947 – 2023

In the following table, we have discussed Jharkhand All Governors List in detail. The List of Jharkhand Governors includes 10 Governors since 2000.

Name Tenure
Prabhat Kumar 15 November 2000 3 February 2002
Vinod Chandra Pande (additional charge) 4 February 2002 14 July 2002
M. Rama Jois 15 July 2002 11 June 2003
Ved Marwah 12 June 2003 9 December 2004
Syed Sibtey Razi 10 December 2004 25 July 2009
Kateekal Sankaranarayanan 26 July 2009 21 January 2010
M. O. H. Farook 22 January 2010 3 September 2011
Syed Ahmed 4 September 2011 17 May 2015
Droupadi Murmu 18 May 2015 13 July 2021
Ramesh Bais 14 July 2021 17 February 2023
C. P. Radhakrishnan 18 February 2023 Incumbent


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How many governors are there in Jharkhand?

There have been 10 Governors of Jharkhand till now.

Who is the Governor of India 2023?

C.P. Radhakrishnan is the current governor of India in 2023.

When did Jharkhand attain statehood?

Jharkhand attained statehood in the year 2000.