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The General Awareness section holds significant importance in various Teaching Government Exams conducted in India. Consequently, individuals aiming for Teaching Government Jobs should initiate their preparation routine by focusing on General Knowledge. This entails keeping a comprehensive record of national and international current affairs while revising static GK topics. This article covers a crucial topic that has frequently appeared in Teaching Job Exams over the past few years- the List of Kerala Governors from 1947-2023.

List of Governors in Karnataka

List of Kerala Governors

The Kerala Governor is the titular head of the state and he/she is appointed by the President of India. The Governor serves as the representative of the President and the Union government in the state, and their role is largely ceremonial. The Governor’s duties include administering the oath of office to the Chief Minister and other ministers, summoning the state legislative assembly, and giving assent to bills passed by the assembly. The Governor also has the power to dismiss the state government in case of a breakdown of constitutional machinery. The Governor of Kerala at the time of my knowledge cutoff was Arif Mohammed Khan, who took office in September 2019.

List of Tamilnadu Governors

List of Kerala Governors 1947-2023

Here is the List of Kerala Governors from 1947 to 2023 in detail. The candidates preparing for the upcoming Teaching Job Exams will find the name of the Kerala Governors along with the dates on which they took the charge of the office and the dates when they left their offices.

Name Took Office Left Office
P. S. Rao (acting) 1 November 1956 21 November 1956
Burgula Ramakrishna Rao 22 November 1956 1 July 1960
V. V. Giri 1 July 1960 2 April 1965
Ajith Prasad Jain 2 April 1965 6 February 1966
Bhagwan Sahay 6 February 1966 15 May 1967
V. Viswanathan 15 May 1967 1 April 1973
N. N. Wanchoo 1 April 1973 10 October 1977
Jothi Venkatachalam 14 October 1977 27 October 1982
P. Ramachandran 27 October 1982 23 February 1988
Ram Dulari Sinha 23 February 1988 12 February 1990
Dr. Sarup Singh 12 February 1990 20 December 1990
B. Rachaiah 20 December 1990 9 November 1995
Gopal Ramanujam (additional charge) 20 April 1995 29 April 1995
P. Shiv Shankar 12 November 1995 1 May 1996
Khurshid Alam Khan 5 May 1996 25 January 1997
Dr. C. Rangarajan (additional charge) 29 February 2000 23 April 2000
19 October 2000 7 November 2000
16 February 2002 28 February 2002
Mohammed Fazal (additional charge) 14 September 2001 28 September 2001
Justice Sukhdev Singh Kang 25 January 1997 18 April 2002
Sikander Bakht 18 April 2002 23 February 2004
T. N. Chaturvedi (additional charge after the death of Sikander Bakht) 25 February 2004 23 June 2004
R. L. Bhatia 23 June 2004 10 July 2008
R. S. Gavai 11 July 2008 7 September 2011
M. O. H. Farook 8 September 2011 26 January 2012
Hansraj Bhardwaj (additional charge after the death of M. O. H. Farook) 26 January 2012 22 March 2013
Nikhil Kumar 23 March 2013 5 March 2014
Sheila Dikshit 5 March 2014 26 August 2014
P. Sathasivam 5 September 2014 5 September 2019
Arif Mohammad Khan 6 September 2019 Incumbent



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Who is the current Kerala Governor?

Arif Mohammad Khan is the current Kerala Governor.

Who was the First Kerala Governor?

Burgula Ramakrishna Rao is the First Kerala Governor. However, P. S. Rao has served as an acting Kerala Governor before Burgula Ramakrishna Rao.

Was Sheila Dikshit appointed as Kerala Governor?

Yes, Sheila Dikshit served as the Kerala Governor from 5 March 2014 to 26 August 2014.