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List of Rajasthan Governors and Their Periods

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The candidates preparing for the Teaching Government Jobs must study and have a good grip on Current affairs. As General Awareness is a pertinent section in most of the Government Teaching Exams, candidates with extensive knowledge of the current affairs of national and international importance will be able to deal with the General Awareness Section. One of the essentially important topics is head of state or other important government positions. One such critically significant and repeated topic is the Governor of States. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the List of Rajasthan Governors and their Periods (Tenure).

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Rajasthan Governors

The President of India appoints the Rajasthan Governor as the titular head of the state. The Rajasthan Governor is bestowed with various ceremonial roles and executive powers by the Constitution of India. The Rajasthan Governor is responsible for the appointment of the Chief Minister and other ministers in the Rajasthan Cabinet on the advice of the Chief Minister. The tenure of a Rajasthan Governor is of 5 years. Kalraj Mishra is the current Rajasthan Governor since 9 September 2019.

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List of Rajasthan Governors and Their Periods

Here is the list of Rajasthan Governors and their Periods is given in a tabular format below. Check out the following table for detailed information on the List of Rajasthan Governors along with the date they took charge of their office and the date when they left office.

Name Took office Left office
Maharaj Man Singh II (Rajpramukh) 30 March 1949 31 October 1956
Gurumukh Nihal Singh 1 November 1956 16 April 1962
Sampurnanand 16 April 1962 16 April 1967
Sardar Hukam Singh 16 April 1967 1 July 1972
Sardar Jogendra Singh 1 July 1972 15 February 1977
Vedpal Tyagi (acting) 15 February 1977 11 May 1977
Raghukul Tilak 17 May 1977 8 August 1981
K. D. Sharma (acting) 8 August 1981 6 March 1982
Om Prakash Mehra 6 March 1982 4 January 1985
Vasantdada Patil 20 November 1985 15 October 1987
Sukhdev Prasad 20 February 1988 3 February 1990
Milap Chand Jain (acting) 3 February 1990 14 February 1990
Debi Prasad Chattopadhyaya 14 February 1990 26 August 1991
Sarup Singh (acting) 26 August 1991 5 February 1992
Marri Chenna Reddy 5 February 1992 31 May 1993
Dhanik Lal Mandal (additional charge) 31 May 1993 30 June 1993
Bali Ram Bhagat 30 June 1993 1 May 1998
Darbara Singh 1 May 1998 24 May 1998
Navrang Lal Tibrewal (acting) 25 May 1998 16 January 1999
Anshuman Singh 16 January 1999 14 May 2003
Nirmal Chandra Jain 14 May 2003 22 September 2003
Kailashpati Mishra (additional charge) 22 September 2003 14 January 2004
Madan Lal Khurana 14 January 2004 1 November 2004
T. V. Rajeswar (additional charge) 1 November 2004 8 November 2004
Pratibha Patil 8 November 2004 21 June 2007
Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai (additional charge) 21 June 2007 6 September 2007
S. K. Singh 6 September 2007 1 December 2009
Prabha Rau (additional charge) 2 December 2009 24 January 2010
Prabha Rau 25 January 2010 26 April 2010
Shivraj Patil (additional charge) 26 April 2010 12 May 2012
Margaret Alva 12 May 2012 7 August 2014
Ram Naik (additional charge) 8 August 2014 3 September 2014
Kalyan Singh 4 September 2014 8 September 2019
Kalraj Mishra 9 September 2019 Incumbent


A comprehensive understanding of current affairs is paramount for candidates aspiring to secure Teaching Government Jobs. With General Awareness being a pivotal segment in many Government Teaching Exams, candidates who possess a deep knowledge of national and international current events are well-equipped to excel in this section. Among the crucial topics that deserve focused attention, the roles of the head of state and other significant government positions stand out prominently.

Notably, the role of the Governor of States emerges as a recurring and critically important theme in these exams. By delving into the List of Rajasthan Governors and their respective tenures, as discussed in this article, aspiring candidates can reinforce their awareness of historical and administrative aspects crucial to their successful preparation. As the candidates forge ahead on their journey to these prestigious roles, a robust grasp of current affairs and government dynamics will undoubtedly be their guiding light.


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Who was first Rajasthan Governor?

Maharaj Man Singh II (Rajpramukh) was the first Rajasthan Governor from 30 March 1949 to 31 October 1956.

Who is the current Rajasthan Governor?

Kalraj Mishra is the current Rajasthan Governor.

Was Pratibha Patil a Rajasthan Governor?

Yes, Pratibha Patil served as the Rajasthan Governor from 8 November 2004 to 21 June 2007.

Was Kalyan Singh a Rajasthan Governor?

Yes, Kalyan Singh served as the Rajasthan Governor from 4 September 2014 to 8 September 2019.

Why is studying current affairs important for candidates preparing for Teaching Government Jobs?

Current affairs are crucial for Government Teaching Exam candidates as General Awareness, including knowledge of national and international events, is a significant section in these exams.

What is the role of the Rajasthan Governor in the state?

The Rajasthan Governor, appointed by the President of India, holds ceremonial roles and executive powers. They appoint the Chief Minister and ministers in the Rajasthan Cabinet based on the Chief Minister's advice.

How long is the tenure of a Rajasthan Governor?

The tenure of a Rajasthan Governor is 5 years.