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Gujarat Governors

The Gujarat Governor is the titular head of the state appointed by the President of India. The Governor of Gujarat is bestowed with various ceremonial responsibilities and limited executive powers by the Constitution of India. The designated tenure of the Gujarat Governor is 5 years however, the Gujarat Governor’s tenure can be reduced by the President of India. Gujarat Governor is responsible to appoint the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the other council of ministers on the advice of the Gujarat Chief Minister. The current Governor of Gujarat is Acharya Devvrat since 22 July 2019.

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List of Gujarat Governors 1960-2023

As Gujarat attained statehood in 1960 and Mehdi Nawaz Jung became the first Gujarat Governor. Find the list of Gujarat Governors from 1960 to 2023 in the following table. The candidates will find the name of the Gujarat Governor as well as their tenure.

List of Gujarat Governors 1947-2023 
Name Took Office Left Office
Mehdi Nawaz Jung 1 May 1960 1 Aug 1965
Nityanand Kanungo 1 Aug 1965 7 Dec 1967
P.N. Bhagwati (acting) 7 Dec 1967 26 Dec 1967
Shriman Narayan 26 Dec 1967 17 Mar 1973
P.N. Bhagwati (acting) 17 Mar 1973 4 Apr 1973
K. K. Viswanathan 4 Apr 1973 14 Aug 1978
Sharda Mukherjee 14 Aug 1978 6 Aug 1983
K.M. Chandy 6 Aug 1983 26 Apr 1984
Braj Kumar Nehru 26 Apr 1984 26 Feb 1986
Ram Krishna Trivedi 26 Feb 1986 2 May 1990
Mahipal Shastri 2 May 1990 21 Dec 1990
Sarup Singh 21 Dec 1990 1 Jul 1995
Naresh Chandra 1 Jul 1995 1 Mar 1996
Krishna Pal Singh 1 Mar 1996 25 Apr 1998
Anshuman Singh 25 Apr 1998 16 Jan 1999
K.G. Balakrishnan (acting) 16 Jan 1999 18 Mar 1999
Sunder Singh Bhandari 18 Mar 1999 7 May 2003
Kailashpati Mishra 7 May 2003 2 Jul 2004
Balram Jakhar (additional charge) 2 Jul 2004 24 Jul 2004
Nawal Kishore Sharma 24 Jul 2004 24 Jul 2009
S. C. Jamir (additional charge) 30 Jul 2009 26 Nov 2009
Kamla Beniwal 27 Nov 2009 6 July 2014
Margaret Alva (additional charge) 7 July 2014 15 July 2014
Om Prakash Kohli 16 July 2014 21 July 2019
Acharya Devvrat 22 July 2019 Incumbent




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Who is the current Gujarat Governor?

Acharya Devvrat is the current Gujarat Governor.

Who was the first Gujarat Governor?

Mehdi Nawaz Jung was the first Gujarat Governor from 1 May 1960 to 1 Aug 1965.

Who was the first woman Governor of Gujarat?

Kamla Beniwal became the first Female Governor of Gujarat from 27 Nov 2009 to 6 July 2014.

What is the term of office of a Governor in Nagaland?

The term of office of a Governor in Nagaland is five years.