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UNGA meet on Russia Ukraine War

UNGA Meet on Russia-Ukraine War- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: International Relations- Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests.

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UNGA Meet on Russia-Ukraine War- Context

  • UNGA Meet on Russia-Ukraine War has recently been held in which the UN General secretary called for an immediate cessation of violence and withdrawal of Russia’s military from Ukrainian territory.
  • He said that we are facing a tragedy for Ukraine, but also a major regional crisis with potentially disastrous implications for us all.
  • The resolution on Ukraine, which is being heard at the Eleventh Emergency Special session of the UNGA, was mandated by the UN Security Council (UNSC).
    • Earlier, a U.S.-led effort to criticize Russia at the UNSC in resolution 8979 was vetoed by the Russian representative.

SWIFT Ban on Russia | Russia Ukraine War

रूस यूक्रेन युद्ध पर यूएनजीए की बैठक 

Importance of UNGA Meeting on Ukraine Russia War

  • The UNGA resolution is expected to be voted sometime on Tuesday, after over 100 listed speakers, including India, make their statements.
  • If passed, the UNGA would-
    • “Deplore in the strongest terms” Russian “aggression” on Ukraine,
    • Demand a complete withdrawal of troops, and
    • A reversal of the Russian decision to recognize the enclaves of Donetsk and Luhansk.
  • UNGA also demands an immediate return to talks, and for all parties to allow and facilitate “rapid, safe and unhindered” access for all civilians to humanitarian assistance.


Russia Ukraine War | Russia attacks Ukraine and India’s Diplomatic Dilemma


Stand of Various Countries on Russia-Ukraine War

  • Russia: It threatened to use a nuclear weapon if its demands are not met. Russia also decided to place Russian nuclear weapons on a more elevated alert.
  • Belarus:  Belarus President Lukashenko decided to reverse his country’s non-nuclear status in the background of the present Russia Ukraine War.
  • Ukraine: Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UN called Russia’s actions and nuclear announcement “madness”, and warned that “if Ukraine does not survive, the UN will not survive”.
  • Russia: Russian Ambassador to the UN alleged that it was Ukraine and not Russia that had begun “these hostilities”.
    • He claimed that the Ukrainian government had planted the “roots of the crisis” and had not implemented the 2015 Minsk agreement.
    • Earlier, Russia threatened to use nuclear weapons if its demands are not met. Russia also decided to place Russian nuclear weapons on a more elevated alert.
  • India: India is widely expected to also abstain from the resolution at the UNGA, which is a considerably tougher and lengthier version of UNSC 8979.
    • However, India may be more inclined to support another resolution due to be discussed at the UNSC on ensuring humanitarian access for civilians and refugees.


India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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