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The Editorial Analysis- Russia’s NATO Problem

Russia’s NATO Problem- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: International Relations- Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests.

The Editorial Analysis- Russia's NATO Problem_3.1


Russia’s NATO Problem- Context

  • Russia’s unjustifiable incursion into Ukraine following weeks of military troop build-up on their shared border has drastically raised tensions in the region.
  • Russia Ukraine war could have ripple effects across the world, particularly for NATO countries and others with strategic connections to the two nations.

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Russia’s NATO Problem- Latest Developments

  • Reports said that several Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv, came under attack on Thursday morning.
  • S. President Joe Biden and the NATO and European Commission leadership vowed to impose “severe sanctions” on Russia.
    • This round of sanctions will overlay prior economic penalties imposed on Russian entities and individuals close to the political leadership.
    • They are expected to include cutting off top Russian banks from the financial system, halting technology exports, and directly targeting the Russian President.

Russia Ukraine War | Russia attacks Ukraine and India’s Diplomatic Dilemma


Russia’s NATO Problem- Efforts to Avoid Conflict

  • Diplomatic Efforts: Ever since Russia began amassing troops on the Ukrainian border, the U.S., NATO, and Europe have sought to press for diplomatic solutions.
    • This includes direct U.S.-Russia negotiations and French President Macron’s meeting with Mr. Putin.
  • UNSC Meeting: UN Security Council held an emergency meeting to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine Conflict


Russia’s NATO Problem- Russian Concerns

  • Ukraine’s NATO dream: Ukraine was expected to be part of NATO. This frustrated Russia as it would have put western powers in its backyard.
    • The heart of his fears is the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO and NATO troops potentially stationed at the border with Russia.
  • Disregard for “Founding Act”: After the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, the Eastern European military alliance, NATO, and Russia in 1997 signed the “Founding Act” on mutual relations, cooperation, and security.
    • Disregarding the spirit of this agreement, NATO quietly underwent five rounds of enlargement during the 1990s, pulling former Soviet Union countries into its orbit.

Minsk Agreements and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict


Russia’s NATO Problem- Conclusion

  • Unless western nations give assurances to Mr. Putin that NATO will not seek to relentlessly expand its footprint eastwards, Moscow will have little incentive to return to the negotiating table.
    • But Russia and Mr. Putin must realize that war is not the means to peace and security.

Russia Ukraine War | Russia attacks Ukraine and India’s Diplomatic Dilemma

Russia Ukraine War | Russia attacks Ukraine and India’s Diplomatic Dilemma

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