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Indian Space Association(ISpA)


Indian Space Association(ISpA) -Relevance

  • GS 3: Awareness in the fields of IT, Space.


Indian Space Association(ISpA): Context

  • Recently, Indian Space Association (ISpA) was launched by the Prime Minister to increase private sector participation in Indian space domain.


Indian Space Association(ISpA): Key points

  • ISpA would be an industrial body representing the various stakeholders.
  • indian space association members are from various public and private domains.


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Indian Space Association(ISpA): Significance

  • Progress in Indian space sector is mainly attributed to ISRO (Indian Space Research Association).
  • However, lately, private sector companies—global and domestic—have taken interest in India’s space domain and are working with government to make space technologies useful for Indian society.


Indian Space Association(ISpA)_3.1


Space reforms approach(ISpA): 4 pillars

  • First, the freedom of innovation to the private sector.
  • Second, the role of the government as an enabler.
  • Third, preparing youth for the future.
  • And fourth, to see the space sector as a resource for the progress of the common man.


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Space sector importance

  • The space sector means better mapping, imaging and connectivity facilities for the common people.
  • Also, the space sector means better speed from shipment to delivery for entrepreneurs.
  • Better security and income for fishermen and better forecast of the natural calamity.
  • Development projects are being monitored by satellite imaging.
    • The space technology is being used in settlement of Fasal Bima Yojna claims, NAVIC system is helping fishermen, disaster management planning is also being carried out through this technology.


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Growth of space-based communication in India

  • OneWeb, an Indian space company owned by Bharti enterprises, is building its initial constellation of 648 low-earth orbit satellites and has 322 satellites into orbit.
    • Its services will be available for the Arctic region including Alaska, Canada, and the UK.
    • It will offer its high-speed, low latency connectivity services in India and the rest of the world.
  • StarLink and Amazon are also in discussions with the Indian government for a licence to offer satellite-based internet services.
    • SpaceX has a plan to create a network of 12,000 satellites of which over 1,300 are already sky-borne.



Important FAQs

  • Who is the father of Indian space program?
    • Vikram Sarabhai

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