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How to Cover Current Affairs for UPSC

How to Cover Current Affairs for UPSC

Current affairs form a very important part of UPSC Civil Services examination. In all the phases—prelims, mains, interview— questions based on current affairs are asked. We all know that current affairs is very dynamic and puts everyone under a lot of stress. It is very vast and provides everyone a level-playing field as it keeps changing every year. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare current affairs for UPSC, specially how to prepare current affairs for UPSC 2022.


How to cover current affairs for UPSC?

Below are few sources that you should refer, to make your UPSC preparation robust.

Daily newspaper: Daily newspaper, preferably The Hindu or Indian Express, is something you should not miss. Initially, you would not find it interesting enough to read as we have grown-up by reading sensational news. However, slowly you would develop a habit to cover them. We provide you with the daily news analysis to guide you in covering the current affairs.

Monthly magazine: Magazines are also a must to follow source. It may happen that you have not covered some important topic due to some unavoidable reason, in such a case, monthly magazines come in handy. Here, at adda 247, we compile the most important news to provide you with the best source of current affairs for UPSC.

Internet: Internet is a double-edged sword, and you must swing it right to garner the right information. Today, almost every information is available on the internet, be smart and at the same time attentive to your needs that align with your preparation.

RSTV, Yojana, Kurushetra and Down to earth: These are few of the most important sources for your current affairs UPSC preparation. These sources would help build your opinion and broaden your horizon of knowledge that will help you immensely in your entire journey of UPSC preparation. We provide you with the important points of these sources so that you dont have to spend your entire day to cover them.


How to cover current affairs for UPSC?

We have discussed the sources that you should follow to cover the UPSC current affairs. Now, we will discuss the way to cover it.

While covering any news, read the issue and not just the current affairs. For example, currently cabinet has passed a proposal to increase the marriage age of girl to 21 years. While reading this current affairs, read about the issue of child marriage in India, why it is done and where is it prevalent in India? Also, read about the steps taken by the government for women empowerment. You can follow the below rule to cover any current affairs for UPSC.

  • First, keep the syllabus with you and decide upon the importance of current affairs for UPSC. For example, appointment and resignation, sports and hardly asked in UPSC Civil Services (Yes! We know that UPSC has asked questions based on sports in UPSC Prelims 2021, but you should not divert your attention towards these few questions).
  • Second, Know the reason. Know why is it in news? While covering the news, cover all the W’s—what, when, where, who and how?
  • Third, read the important reports, facts related to the topic to substantiate your answer.
  • Fourth, know both pros and cons about the topic. It will help in having a balanced view about the topic.
  • Firth, write down the steps needed to improve it. Write some suggestions and way forward.
  • You might feel that this is a question-answer format and you are right. This indeed is a Q&A format that will help you in covering your current affairs holistically.


How to Cover Current Affairs for UPSC: Few important points

  • You must understand the issue in hand and not mug-up the facts. It will serve no purpose.
  • Focus on one monthly magazine. Do not try to cover a lot of sources.
  • Revisions: Focus on multiple revisions. Keep your source limited and revise it in a proper interval.
  • Notes making: Note making is a very efficient way to cover current affairs. Do make notes issue-wise so that you cover your current affairs in a comprehensive way.

We are providing you with the current affairs for UPSC 2021. You can check it here or visit our website



Q. How many months should you cover to prepare current affairs for the UPSC Civil Services?

Ans. Prefarably, 12 months after the last prelims. For example, for UPSC CSE 2022, you should cover current affairs 2021 of India after CSE 2021 prelims.

Q. Is 1-month enough to cover the one-year UPSC current affairs?

Ans. For an experienced one, yes. For a fresher, we would recommend to start early.

Q. What is the best source to cover UPSC current affairs?

Ans. You can follow any sources, provided the source you are covering is dealing with the issue comprehensively. We provide you with the all the important issue important for UPSC. You can check them once.

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