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Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Proposed Amendments to FCA

Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 3: Environment- Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation

Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Proposed Amendments to FCA_40.1


Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Context

  • Recently, the Central government proposed to amend portions of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980.
  • Various features of the draft amendment to the Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 are widely criticized by many for facilitating deforestation and forest degradation.

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Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Key Amendments Proposed

  • Draft Amendment proposes to exempt certain categories of infrastructure project developers from approaching the Centre for permission to use forest land for non-forestry purposes.
  • Draft amendments to the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) propose to absolve agencies involved in national security projects and border infrastructure projects from obtaining prior forest clearance from the Centre.
  • Forest Conservation Act (FCA) draft amendments also propose to exempt land from the scope of FCA, acquired before 1980 by public sector bodies such as the Ministry of Railways, when the FCA was yet to become law.
    • Presently, landowning organizations like Rail, NHAI, PWD, etc. are required to take approval under the Act and pay stipulated compensatory levies.
  • Punishment:
    • Proposes to make offences under the modified Act punishable with simple imprisonment for a period which may extend to one year and make it cognizable and non-bailable.
    • propose provisions for penal compensation to make good for the damage already done.

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Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Key Provisions

  • About: Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 was enacted by the parliament to control the ongoing deforestation of the forests of India.
    • Forest Conservation Act is the principal legislation that regulates deforestation in India.
  • Key Objectives: Forest Conservation Act, 1980 aims-
    • To protect the forest including its flora, fauna and other diverse ecological components while preserving the integrity and territory of the forests.
    • Facilitate the growth of forest biodiversity
    • Prevent conversion of forest land into non-forested activities like agricultural, grazing or for any other commercial purposes and intentions.
  • Key Features: key features of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 are as follows-
    • Forest Conservation Act (FCA) makes the central government the main authority to achieve the objectives of the Act.
    • Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 makes provisions for punishment for violation of the Act.
    • Establishes an advisory committee to help the central government with regard to forest conservation.
    • Under the provisions of this Act, prior approval of the Central Government is required for the diversion of forestlands for non-forest purposes.
    • Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 deals with four categories of forests- reserved forests, village forests, protected forests and private forests.

Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Proposed Amendments to FCA_40.1

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