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Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam 28 December 2022 | Prelims Bits

Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Daily Current Affairs for UPSC: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC article covers important articles of the day which is important for various competitive exams like UPSC, State PCS, SSC and various Bank Exams.

Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam 28 December 2022 | Prelims Bits_3.1

Dhanu Yatra 2022-23

Dhanu Yatra in News

  • The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has greeted everyone as Dhanu Yatra begins. The vibrant Dhanu Yatra is associated with the culture of Odisha.

Dhanu Yatra 2022-23

  • About: Dhanu Yatra or Dhanu Jatra is all about knowing the spiritual being Lord Krishna who walked upon this Earth a few thousand years ago.
    • Dhanu Yatra festival celebrates and depicts the Lord in full glory.
  • Dhanu Yatra Time and Location: Dhanu Yatra is held sometime in the month of December or January in Bargarh, Orissa.
    • Dhanu Yatra 2022-2023 will be organised from December 28, 2022, to January 6, 2023.
  • Key Events: Dhanu Yatra is an annual open-air theatrical performance, and the theatre where it is performed is spread across a radius of about 8 km.
    • Interestingly, it is also the world’s largest open-air theatre.

Dhanu Yatra 2022-23 Theme

  • The Dhanu Yatra festival’s theme is based on Krishna Leela and his conquering Mathura.
  • The enactment of this event starts with the wedding of Kansa’s sister Devaki followed by Kansa’s accession to the throne, then dethroning of his father, and finally, after a chain of events ending with Kansa Vadh.
  • It truly is a visual delight as the whole episode is depicted scene by scene, giving a chance to the devotees to relish in the Leela of their lord, the supreme being Krishna.


Amrit Bharat Station Scheme for Indian Railways 

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in News

  • Ministry of Railways has formulated a new policy for modernization of stations named “Amrit Bharat Station” scheme.


Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

  • About: Amrit Bharat Station scheme envisages development of stations on a continuous basis with a long term vision.
    • It is based on Master Planning for long term and implementation of the elements of Master Plan as per the needs and patronage of the station.
  • Mandate: The scheme aims at preparation of Master Plans of the Railway stations and implementation of the Master Plan in phases to enhance the facilities.
  • Implementing Ministry: Amrit Bharat Station Scheme for Indian Railways is being implemented by Railway Ministry.

Key Objectives of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

  • The scheme aims at preparation of Master Plans of the Railway stations and implementation of the Master Plan in phases-
    • To enhance the facilities including and beyond the Minimum Essential Amenities (MEA) and
    • Aiming for creation of Roof Plazas and city centres at the station in long run.
  • The scheme shall aim to meet the needs of the stakeholders, station usage studies as far as possible based on availability of funds and inter-se priority.
  • The scheme shall cater for introduction of new amenities as well as upgradation and replacement of existing amenities.
  • This scheme will also cover the stations where detailed techno-economic feasibility studies have been conducted or are being conducted but the work for construction of Roof Plazas has not been taken up yet.
    • This is toe ensure that phasing of Master Plan is being suitably implemented and relocation of structures and utilities being given more emphasis in the phasing plans.


Coal Quality goes up Substantially


Coal Quality in India in News

  • Coal Quality in India goes up substantially as the grade conformity has jumped to 69% in 2022-23 (till Nov’ 22) as against 51% in 2017-18.


Coal Quality in India

  • The Ministry of Coal and the coal companies have taken various measures to achieve the objective of supply of quality coal to all consumers.
    • Coal companies are to endeavour to achieve 100% quality satisfaction.
  • There has been substantial improvement in conformity to declared grade of coal supply from Coal India Ltd (CIL) sources.

Steps taken to Improve Coal Quality in India

  • Steps taken for improvement in quality are-
    • Periodic re-gradation of coal mines,
    • Introduction of improved mining technology like surface miners,
    • Supply of washed coal,
    • First mile connectivity for direct conveying of coal on Belt from Coal surface/face to Rapid loading Silo,
    • Installation of Auto Analyzers etc.
  • Different officials/agencies are entrusted with the job of ensuring supply of coal in conformity to the declared grades.
  • Primary reason for grade variation is the inherent heterogeneous nature of Indian coal itself meaning, calorific value of coal extracted within the same seam at different points tends to vary.
  • The Coal app UTTAM (Unlocking Transparency by Third Party Assessment of Mined Coal) is available for consumers/general public to view the third-party validation of coal supply.
    • Many consumers are taking advantage of this app in planning their coal usages.


ADB-India Loan Agreement to improve Urban Services in Tamil Nadu


ADB-India Loan Agreement in News

  • The Government of India and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a $125 million loan to develop climate-resilient sewage collection and treatment, and drainage and water supply systems in three cities in the state of Tamil Nadu.

ADB-India Loan Agreement

  • The financing is the third and the last tranche of the $500 million multi-tranche financing facility (MFF) for the Program approved by ADB in 2018 to build priority water supply, sewerage, and drainage infrastructure in strategic industrial corridors across 10 cities in the state.
    • The tranche 3 loan covers Coimbatore, Madurai, and Thoothukudi.
  • The signatories to the tranche 3 loan for Tamil Nadu Urban Flagship Investment Program were-
    • Rajat Kumar Mishra, Additional Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance who signed for the Government of India, and
    • Hoe Yun Jeong, Officer-in-Charge of ADB’s India Resident Mission who signed for ADB.

Projects to be Undertaken under India-ADB Loan Agreement

  • The financing will support the development of two sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore with-
    • 529 kilometers (km) of sewage collection pipelines,
    • Install 14 pump and lift stations and
    • Build 14 km of sewage pumping mains.
  • In Thoothukudi, climate-resilient stormwater drainage system will be developed.
  • In Madurai, the project will support the commissioning of 813 km of new water supply distribution pipelines that will connect 163,958 households to 115 newly established district metered area with smart water features to reduce nonrevenue water.
  • In Coimbatore and Madurai, two all-female self-help groups will be trained on the benefits of household connection to sewage collection system, water conservation, sanitation, and health and hygiene.

UPSC Daily Current Affairs – Date-wise UPSC Prelims Bits

UPSC Daily Current Affairs – Date-wise UPSC Prelims Bits

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