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Ahom Revolt (1828)

Ahom Revolt (1828)- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 1: Modern Indian History- The Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country.



Ahom Revolt (1828)

  • Ahom’s Revolt of 1828 was the consequence of the First Anglo Burmese War (124-26). Ahom Vidroh took place in the Assam Region of the British Empire.



Causes of Ahom Revolt (1828)

  • First Anglo-Burma war (1824-26): Britishers promised to leave the Ahom territories after the end of the first Anglo-Burma war.
    • Instead, they tried annexing the Ahom territories under British Empire, angering the Ahom tribe against British empire and leading to Ahom Revolt of 1828.
  • Ahom revolt was organized by the Ahom prince Gomdhar Konwar with the support of his countrymen like Dhanjay Borgohain and Jairam Khargharia Phukan.

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Leaders of Ahom Revolt (1828)

  • Ahom revolt took place under the leadership of Ahom prince Gomdhar Konwar who tried to establish the ancient Ahom monarchy and evict the British.
  • Other important leaders of the Ahom Revolt include- Dhanjay Borgohain and Jairam Khargharia Phukan.

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अहोम विद्रोह (1828)

About Ahom Revolt (1828)

  • Installation of a New King: A meeting was organized at a place named Jorhat where the rebels formally installed Gomdhar Konwar as king of Ahom Dynasty in 1828.
  • Preparation for the Ahom Revolt: Gomdhar Konwar planned to seize the British stronghold at Rangpur. For which he needed soldiers.
    • For this reason, Gomdhar Konwar began recruiting soldiers and amassing weapons and also instructed his forces to stop paying British taxes.
  • Day of Revolt: Ahom rebels under the leadership of Gomdhar Konwar began advancing towards Rangpur in November 1828 to attack and seize the British Stronghold in Rangpur.
  • Failure of Ahom Revolt: The British learned about the plans of the Ahom rebels and caught and attacked them off guard at Mariani.
    • Many of the insurgents of the Ahom Revolt surrendered, while others escaped.

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Outcome of Ahom Revolt (1828)

  • Fate of Gomdhar Konwar: After the failure of Ahom Revolt, Gomdhar and his friends took refuge in Naga Hills. Later, he surrendered and others were detained.
    • They were all tried by Britishers who convicted them of treason and condemned them to death.
    • However, as a conciliatory gesture, the British East India Company reduced his sentence to seven years in exile.
  • Conciliatory Approach: Later, the British EIC opted to pursue a conciliatory approach. It gave up Upper Assam to Maharaja Purandar Singh Narendra. Hence, restoring a portion of the Ahom kingdom to the Assamese ruler.


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