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Yojana Magazine (September 2022): A New J & K and Ladakh In Making

Yojana Magazine is a very important and indispensable source for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation. Here, we come with ”Analysis Of Yojana Magazine” which covers the monthly Yojana Magazine keeping in mind the demand of UPSC, particularly from the topics of important government schemes.

In ‘‘Analysis Of Yojana Magazine,” we cover each and every topic of the Yojana edition of a particular month and provide an easy-to-understand gist.

This topic-wise analysis is prepared from the September 2022 edition of the monthly Yojana Magazine.


A New J & K and Ladakh In Making: Introduction


  • On 5 August 2019, in a landmark move, the Home Minister of India introduced two bills and two resolutions in the Parliament regarding Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.
  • This was seen as a gigantic step toward long-term development, enhancing socio-economic infrastructure, and bringing economic opportunities for the local populace in Jammu & Kashmir and the Ladakh region.


A New J & K and Ladakh In Making: How it is becoming a Game-changer?


  • Though initially, in a teething phase, the abrogation of Art. 370 was marked by uncertainty and restlessness among the locals, the region with the rest of the nation was certainly witnessing history in making.
  • Believed to be a game-changer, this step, as the Prime Minister often says, was aimed to ‘embrace the land by embracing its people as one’s own.’
  • This is reflected in the action on the ground with focused intent and time-bound outcomes.


A New J & K and Ladakh In Making: Key Areas in which progress can be seen


To counter terrorism in J&K

  • To counter terrorism in J&K and re-establish peace in the region, the government is strategising and acting on a multi-pronged approach that includes nipping the crossborder terrorism in bud, foiling infiltration attempts, identifying and dealing with terrorist sympathisers, taking humanitarian measures, and pro-actively countering anti-India propaganda.

To provide healthcare services

  • In the healthcare sector, AB-PMJAY SEHAT was introduced in 2020 to provide health insurance to all residents of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • During the peak of Covid-19 pandemic, resilience of health care workers in the region was applauded internationally for the vaccination coverage even in the far-flung areas.
  • To boost the health infrastructure in the region, AIIMS in Jammu and Awantipora are in pipeline along with seven new medical colleges.

Education Infrastructure

  • These Institutes of Higher Learning including IITs and AIIMS are expected to provide world-class opportunities to the local youth.
  • Various skilling initiatives in the region are also equipping them to hone their skills and enhancing their employability while staying close to their homes.


  • Connectivity through all-weather roads, rail, ropeways, and tunnels is bridging the gaps that existed between the erstwhile three separate regions thus bringing people closer and adding to the tourist inflow in the region.
  • This accessibility has further given a greater push to new investment opportunities.
  • With this thrust on infrastructure, new industrial policy initiatives, and the end of constitutional uncertainty, investments are ushering in the sectors including industries, horticulture, and handicrafts ensuring employment opportunities and giving a fillip to young entrepreneurs.
  • Two tunnels, the 8.5 km long Navyug tunnel connecting Banihal with Qazigund and 9.2 km long Chenani-Nashri tunnel have brought Srinagar closer to Jammu.
  • The train to Kashmir is not that far-away and by 2024, the Valley will be connected with the rest of the country through a railway network also.


  • The Centre has been regularly creating job avenues for the local J&K youth. In the past 2-years more than 20,000 vacancies were filled up in the government departments and thousands of new jobs have been announced.
  • The government is working hard to invite new investments into Jammu and Kashmir and after August 5, 2019, investment proposals worth thousands of crores have been received.
  • On the other hand all the possible help is being provided to J&K youth to set up business ventures and become successful entrepreneurs. From sports to education opportunities are being provided in every field.


A New J & K and Ladakh In Making: Way Forward


  • The task before us as a Nation is to change the image of the J &K & Ladakh region on a war footing as this is what this region deserves.
  • The J &K & Ladakh region is blessed with bountiful beauty and rich culture that continue to prosper. Shikaras and houseboats make their way through the pristine waters of the Dal, the Bahu Fort keeps gauging the waters of Tawi, and the confluence of Zanskar and Indus is mesmerising as ever.
  • Converging a multitude of schools of thought, culture, and religious beliefs, the region, and its people, have contributed immensely to the culture, history, literature, and philosophy in India.
  • Mysticism that propagated on this land in various time-periods, forms, and through myriad beliefs is imbibed in the milieu of art, aesthetics, and way of living in the region.
  • The world should know the strength of this region through our continuous and restless efforts of making this region great & prosperous again as mentioned in Kalhan’s Rajatrangini.




The steps taken by the Centre are an ample proof of its commitment to build “Naya Jammu and Kashmir” and guide the common man, who till August 5, 2019—when the Centre announced its decision to revoke Article 370, a temporary provision in Indian Constitution and divided J&K into two Union Territories— lived in illusions created by the Pakistan stooges and the Kashmir based mainstream politicians.

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