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UPSC Prelims Bits: October 20, 2022

Ladysmith Shell Firing Competition


Ladysmith Shell Firing Competition: Why in news?

The Army Ordnance Corps Ladysmith Shell firing competition will be held at Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon Maharashtra today and tomorrow.

Ladysmith Shell Firing Competition: Know about the Ladysmith Shell firing competition

  • Lady Smith is a small town in Natal which is named after Joanna the wife of Sir Harry Smith, who was the Governor of the Cape in South Africa.
  • During the Boer war in 1899, this town came under a prolonged siege.
  • On Christmas Day, a shell was fired by the Boers on the garrison under siege and it fell in the Ordnance Field Park which did not explode.
  • Inside the shell was found a small plum pudding wrapped up in a tiny Union Jack and the shell itself was painted with the words “Compliments of the Season”.
  • To commemorate the successful relief of Lady Smith, a trophy was introduced by the Royal Army Ordnance Corps to be awarded to the best Ordnance team in a small arms firing competition in which all Ordnance Corps units of the Common Wealth originally participated and is now awarded to the best small arms firing AOC team of the Indian Army.
  • The trophy comprises of the shell mounted on a handsome teak pedestal in which the Union Jack is framed and with small shields on which the name of winners are etched.
  • The trophy occupies a pride of place in the AOC museum at the College of Materials Management, Jabalpur.


Asia’s largest Compressed Biogas Plant CBG


Why in news?

Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister recently dedicated Asia’s largest Compressed Biogas Plant CBG.

Know about Asia’s largest Compressed Biogas Plant CBG

  • The plant set up in 20 acres has been commissioned with an Foreign Direct Investment of 220 crore rupees by Verbio AG one of Germany’s leading bioenergy company.
  • This plant will consume 100,000 tons of paddy straw which will be procured from 6 to 8 satellite locations within 10-kilometre radius of the plant.
  • There will be daily production of about 600-650 tons of Fermented Organic Manure which can be used for organic farming.


Roger Binny


Roger Binny: Why in news?

BCCI appoints Roger Binny as new Chief.

Roger Binny: Know about Roger Binny

  • A versatile allrounder, Roger Binny proved his value to the Indian team in both Test cricket and the one-day game.
  • Binny was an aggressive batsman who could either open the innings or go in the middle order, was a medium-pace bowler who could swing the ball both ways – and was particularly effective in English conditions – and an excellent field.
  • In 1983 World Cup, he played a leading role in India’s victorious campaign taking 18 wickets, then the record in the competition.
  • He was made Bengal coach in 2007, and was part of the Karnataka State Cricket Association management when appointed national selector in September 2012.




Tarikh-e-Sanchi: Why in news?

19th-century ‘Tarikh-e-Sanchi’, and other rare archival documents are on display in the National Archives of India exhibition.

Tarikh-e-Sanchi: Know about Tarikh-e-Sanchi

Tarikh-e-Sanchi is nearly 150-year-old book on monuments of Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh written in Urdu using calligraphy, and other rare original archival documents, including those related to the erstwhile nawabs of Bhopal.

Tarikh-e-Sanchi: Know about the site of Sanchi

  • The site of Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage, comprises a group of Buddhist monuments.
  • It is the oldest Buddhist sanctuary in existence and was a major Buddhist centre in India until the 12th century.

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