UPSC Prelims Bits For Today (August 19, 2022)


UPSC Prelims Bits For Today” is every day published in the morning between 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and contains selective current affairs articles. ”UPSC Prelims Bits For Today” covers various topics from UPSC Prelims Syllabus and is very helpful and time managing for UPSC Aspirants. The framing of this daily current affairs compilation article is easy to read and understandable also.

In the ”UPSC Prelims Bits For Todayarticle, we focus on UPSC Preliminary exam-oriented current affairs covering various sections from leading National Newspapers, PIB, and other various official sources.


Durand Cup


Durand Cup: Why In News?

Raksha Mantri has inaugurated the first-ever Durand Cup match in Manipur.

Durand Cup: Key Points

  • Asia’s oldest football tournament is being held in Assam, Manipur and West Bengal.
  • The 131st edition of the Durand Cup kick started on August 16, 2022, at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata.
  • The final will be held on September 18 at the same venue. It is the oldest football competition in Asia, having been launched in 1888.
  • 20 teams will participate in the upcoming edition of the competition (11 ISL teams, five I-League teams and four teams from the Indian Armed Forces). Some ISL teams might send their B teams for this tournament.


Aspirational Districts program


  • Launched by the Hon’ble PM in January 2018, the Aspirational Districts programme aims to quickly and effectively transform 112 most under-developed districts across the country.
  • The broad contours of the programme are Convergence (of Central & State Schemes), Collaboration (of Central, State level ‘Prabhari’ Officers & District Collectors), and Competition among districts through monthly delta ranking; all driven by a mass movement.
  • With States as the main drivers, this program focuses on the strength of each district, identifying low-hanging fruits for immediate improvement and measuring progress by ranking districts on a monthly basis.
  • The ranking is based on the incremental progress made across 49 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) under 5 broad socio-economic themes – Health & Nutrition, Education, Agriculture & Water Resources, Financial Inclusion & Skill Development and Infrastructure.


Sikh Concept Of Ikomkar


  • The aspect of unity of the Ultimate Reality is represented by the Sikh concept ikomkar which is a combination of three terms i.e., ik meaning one, om that stands for the primary cause of the empirical world, and kar which represents the creative aspect.
  • On the one hand the concept ikomkar represents the non-dual, personal unity of the Ultimate Principle; on the other hand it represents the unity of the entire cosmos with its
    multitude of beings, time, and space. On the whole the concept ikomkar represents the non-dual
    systematic unity in Sikh philosophy.

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