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UDAN scheme


UDAN scheme: Relevance

  • GS 3: Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc.


UDAN scheme: Context

  • Recently, Ministry of Civil Aviation has flagged off 6 routes, expanding the aerial connectivity of North-East India.


Water Declaration


UDAN scheme: Key points

About UDAN

  • UDAN scheme full form: Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik is a Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) to ensure affordability, connectivity, growth and development.
  • It provides a win-win situation for all stakeholders – citizens would get the benefit of affordability, connectivity and more jobs.
  • The scheme was launched in 2016, and would be in operation for a period of 10 years.


The Global Tax Revolution


UDAN scheme benefits

  • Central Government would provide concessions in the form of reduced excise duty, service tax, and flexibility of code sharing at the RCS (UDAN) airports.
  • State governments will have to lower the GST on ATF to 1% or less, besides providing security and fire services free of cost and electricity, water and other utilities at substantially concessional rates.
  • A Regional Connectivity Fund would be created to meet the viability gap funding requirements under the scheme. The RCF levy per departure will be applied to certain domestic flights.
  • The partner State Governments (other than North Eastern States and Union Territories where contribution will be 10 %) would contribute a 20% share to this fund.


UDAN 1.0

  • Under UDAN 1.0, 5 airlines companies were awarded 128 flight routes to 70 airports that includes 36 newly made operational airports.


Global Food Security Index 2021


UDAN 2.0

  • MoCA in 2018 had 73 underserved and unserved
  • Helipads, for the first time, was connected under this phase.


UDAN 3.0

  • MoCA coordinated with Ministry of Tourism to include tourism routes.
  • Initiatives were taken to include seaplanes to connect water aerodromes.
  • Steps were taken to connect North-Eastern region under the scheme.


PM Action Plan: 60-Point Action Plan


UDAN 4.0

  • Under this phase, a total of 78 additional UDAN scheme airports routes were approved.
  • Focus was more on boosting connectivity in the North East states.
  • Kavaratti, Agatti, and Minicoy islands of Lakshadweep was to be connected by the new routes of UDAN 4.0.


Economic Slowdown in China


UDAN 4.1

  • This phase focussed on connecting smaller airports.
  • Also, new routes proposed under Sagaramala Seaplane Services.


Krishi UDAN

  • Krishi Udan was launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on international and national routes.
  • This scheme was intended to help improve value realisation on agricultural products, especially in the north-east and tribal districts.



UDAN scheme under which ministry?

Ministry of Civil Aviation


What is the UDAN flight price?

For 50% of the seats of flights under UDAN scheme, the fare cap will be Rs 2,500, and the rest will be market-based pricing.

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