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Today’s (22-04-2022) Important News Headlines

Today’s (22-04-2022) Important News Headlines

”In this daily series, we bring the Daily Important(Must Read) News Articles for UPSC Current Affairs(Prelims & Mains) Preparation, to make reading newspapers a simple, effective and time-saving task. We cover important articles for the GS paper of UPSC prelims along with four general studies papers (GS I, GS II, GS III and GS IV) as per the UPSC Mains syllabus.”




Relevance(Pre & Mains)

GS 2 1 SC extends ‘status quo order’ against Jahangirpuri demolition Status Quo?
GS 2 1 Maldives bans ‘India Out’ campaign Q. Our Constitution is very clear on the question of freedom of expression, and that it has boundaries, and ends when it infringes on someone else’s.
GS 1 & 2 8 This is India’s moment of reckoning 1. Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989?
2. Social harmony is in India’s best interests to balance the current geo-economic equilibrium, it is also imperative for India to maintain its domestic social equilibrium. Discuss.
GS 2 8 Everything about this refugee deterrent plan is flawed Article 31(1) of the Refugee Convention, 1951?
GS 2 8 Dangerous deceptions Q. The challenge before the country’s government is not only to take on the unlawful activities of some religious groups but also to reverse this polarising slide in the wider society. Discuss.
GS 2 13 We are not infiltrators, have all papers: Jahangirpuri residents Problem Of Infiltration in our country?
GS 2 14 India-U.S. ties vital for global security: Rajnath India-U.S. “comprehensive global strategic partnership”
GS 3 14 Expert body needed on man-animal conflict: House panel 1. Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2021
2. The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
GS 3 16 NITI Aayog targets EV push with battery-swapping policy Draft battery-swapping policy?

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