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Today’s (11-03-2022) Important News Headlines

Today’s (11-03-2022) Important News Headlines

”In this daily series, we bring the Daily Important(Must Read) News Articles for UPSC Current Affairs(Prelims & Mains) Preparation, to make reading newspapers a simple, effective and time-saving task. We cover important articles for the GS paper of UPSC prelims along with four general studies papers (GS I, GS II, GS III and GS IV) as per the UPSC Mains syllabus.”


The Hindu


Relevance(Pre & Mains)

GS 3 5 Kudankulam panchayat adopts resolution against AFR Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) and Environmental Issues?
GS 3 13 Inflation may stay below 6% even if oil averages $100: Crisil 1. Crisil?
2. Impact of Russia-Ukraine crisis on India
GS 2 13 Coal imports from Russia may be highest in 2 years in March India-Russia Trade
GS 3 13 ‘Capital markets must finance risky projects’ Non-performing assets (NPAs)?
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code?
GS 2 Text(01) Can Donbas republics work as a buffer zone? 1. De facto states model?
2. Buffer zone?
3. Donbas republics?
GS 3 Text(01) What do we know about the newest crater on the moon? 1. Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR)
2.  ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2
3. Chang’e 5-T1

The Indian Express

GS 2 5 CJI For… 1. International Day of Women Judges
2. The presence of women judges and lawyers will substantially improve the justice delivery system. Discuss.
GS 3 16 Omicron… Omicron stealth variant
GS 3 17 Current… 1. Current Account Deficit
2. Retail(CPI)

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