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Powers and Functions of Vice President of India

Vice-President of India- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: Indian Constitution- Historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

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Vice-President of India

  • Constitutional Provisions: The Office of the Vice-President of India is mentioned in Part V of the Constitution of India under Chapter I (Executive).
    • Article 63 of the Indian Constitution mentions the post of Vice-President.
    • The Constitutional Articles from 63-73 deal with the qualifications, election and removal of the Vice-President of India.
  • Constitutional Status: The Vice-President of India is the second-highest constitutional office in the country.
  • Present Vice-President: Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu is the current Vice President of India and the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

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Key Powers and Functions of the Vice-President of India

  • Ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha: In this capacity, his powers and functions are similar to those of the Speaker of Lok Sabha.
    • In this respect, it is similar to the American vice-president, who also acts as the Chairman of the Senate (the Upper House of the American legislature).
    • While acting as President or discharging the functions of the President, the Vice-President does not perform the duties of the office of the chairman of Rajya Sabha.
    • During this period, those duties are performed by the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
  • Acts as President in case of Vacancy: Vice-President acts as President when a vacancy occurs in the office of the President due to his-
    • Resignation,
    • Removal,
    • Death or otherwise.
  • Maximum period for which Vice-President can act as President: He can act as President only for a maximum period of six months, within which a new President has to be elected.
  • Discharges Functions of President: when the sitting President is unable to discharge his functions due to absence, illness or any other cause, the Vice-President discharges his functions until the President resumes his office.

Vice-President of India (Articles 63-73)

भारत के उपराष्ट्रपति की शक्तियां तथा कार्य 

Disputes regarding Election of Vice-President

  • Disputes regarding the election of the vice president can only be challenged in the Supreme Court of India.
  • The election of a person as Vice-President cannot be challenged on the ground that the electoral college was incomplete.
  • If the election of a person as Vice-President is declared void by the Supreme Court, acts done by him before the date of such declaration of the Supreme Court are not invalidated.

President of India | Key Functions and Powers of President

President of India | Key Functions and Powers of President


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