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NSO 77th Round Report: Situation of Agricultural households in India



  • GS 3: Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization, of resources, growth, development and employment.



  • Recently, NSO (National Statistical Office) has released its 77th round of survey on “Land and Livestock Holdings of Households and Situation Assessment of Agricultural Households” in the rural areas of India.



  • The survey had an objective of generating different indicators like
    • ownership and operational holdings of rural households
    • ownership of livestock
    • income, productive assets and indebtedness of agricultural households
    • farming practices of agricultural households
    • awareness and access to various technological developments in the field of agriculture
    • receipts and expenditure of the agricultural households’ farm and non-farm businesses and receipts from all other economic activities pursued by the members of the agricultural households.


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Who is an agriculture household?

  • A household receiving more than Rs. 4000 as value of produce from agricultural activities like cultivation of food crops, pisciculture, animal husbandry, among others.
  • and having at least one member self-employed in agriculture either in the principal status or in subsidiary status during last 365 days.


NSO 77th Round Report: Situation of Agricultural households in India_3.1


Key results


  • 2% of agricultural households in the country were in debt in 2019.
  • The average outstanding loan per household stands at Rs 74,121.
  • Only 69.6% of the outstanding loans were taken from institutional sources like banks, cooperative societies and government agencies, while 20.5% of loans were taken from professional money lenders.
    • Of the total loan, only 57.5% was taken for agricultural purposes.


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Monthly income

  • The average monthly income per agricultural household during agricultural year 2018-19 was at Rs 10,218.
  • Of this, the average income per household from
    • wages was Rs 4,063,
    • crop production Rs 3,798,
    • animal husbandry Rs 1,582,
    • non-farm business Rs 641 and
    • leasing of land Rs 134.


Section-wise agricultural households

  • The number of agricultural households in the country was estimated at 9.3 crore with
    • OBCs = 45.8%,
    • SC = 15.9%,
    • ST = 14.2% and
    • Others= 24.1%.


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Marginal farmers

  • 5% of rural households had less than 1 hectare of land, while only 0.2% possessed land in excess of 10 hectare.


Farmers Land size
Marginal < 1 ha
Small >1 and <2 ha
Semi-medium >2 and <4 ha
Medium >4 and <10 ha
Large >10 ha


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Incidence of indebtedness

  • The incidence of indebtedness was about 35% in rural India as compared to 4% in urban India.
  • 8% households were indebted to institutional credit agencies only against 14.5% households in urban India.
  • About 2% of the households were indebted to non-institutional credit agencies only in rural India compared to 4.9% households in urban India.


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