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National Conference on Cooperation Policy

National Conference on Cooperation Policy

  • GS Paper 2: Governance, Administration and Challenges- Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

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National Conference on Cooperation Policy

  • Recently, a two-day National Conference on Cooperation Policy was organized in New Delhi.

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Key points about National Conference on Cooperation Policy

  • About: National Conference on Cooperation Policy is being organized by the ministry of cooperation in association with other union ministries.
  • Participation: Various Union Ministries along with heads of around 40 Cooperatives and other major National Institutions and organizations participated in National Conference on Cooperation Policy.
  • Significance: National Conference on Cooperation Policy is expected to culminate in the formulation of a new robust National Cooperation Policy giving impetus to strengthen the cooperative-based economic model in the country to realize the mantra of Sahkar Se Samaridhi.

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National Conference on Cooperation Policy

National Conference on Cooperation Policy was structured into six important themes covering not only the whole life cycle of cooperatives but also touching upon all the facets of their business and governance.

  • Present legal framework, identification of Regulatory policy, Operational barriers and measures required for their removal leading to Ease of Doing Business and providing a level playing field to cooperatives and other economic entities.
  • Reforms for strengthening governance including cooperative principles, democratic member control, increasing member participation, transparency, regular elections, HR Policy, leveraging International & National best practices, account keeping & auditing.
  • Multi Cooperative Vibrant economic entities by-
    • Strengthening infrastructure,
    • Strengthening equity base,
    • Access to capital,
    • Diversification of activities,
    • Promoting entrepreneurship,
    • Promoting branding,
    • Marketing,
    • Business plan development,
    • Innovation,
    • Technology adoption and
  • Training, Education, knowledge sharing and Awareness Building including mainstreaming cooperatives, linking training with entrepreneurship, the inclusion of Women, Youth & Weaker Sections
  • Promoting new cooperatives, revitalizing defunct ones, promoting cooperation among cooperatives, increasing membership, formalizing collectives, developing cooperatives for sustainable growth, mitigating regional imbalances & exploring new sectors.
  • Promoting social cooperative and role of cooperatives in social security.


Ministry of Cooperation

  • Foundation: The government of India had carved out a new Ministry of Cooperation on 06th July 2021.
  • Aim: Ministry of Cooperation aims to provide renewed impetus to the growth of the Cooperative Sector and realization of the vision from Cooperation to Prosperity.
  • Key Role: Ministry of Cooperation is working incessantly for the development of the cooperative sector for the formulation of new Schemes and the new Cooperation Policy. It also aims-
    • To provide a separate administrative, legal, and policy framework for strengthening the cooperative movement in the country.
    • To make the cooperative movement a true people-based movement by helping it reach the grassroots level.
    • To streamline processes for ease of doing business for cooperatives and enable the development of multi-state cooperatives (MSCS).


Constitution provisions regarding the cooperatives

  • The Constitution (97th Amendment) Act, 2011 added a new “Part IXB” right after Part IXA (Municipals) regarding the cooperatives working in India.
  • Article 19(1)(c) under Part III of the Constitution: provides for “cooperatives”, allowing all the citizens to form cooperatives by giving elevating it to the status of a fundamental right.
  • Article 43B was added in the Directive Principles of State Policy (Part IV) regarding the “promotion of cooperative societies”.

Ministry of Cooperation

Ministry of Cooperation

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