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What Does Human Rights Watch Report 2023 Says About India?

What Does Human Rights Watch Report 2023 Says About India?: Human Rights Watch has published its annual ‘‘World Report 2023”. It criticized the Indian Government and The BJP saying that they are deliberately making laws and policies which are discriminatory against Religious Minorities, especially Muslims. The Human Rights Watch Report 2023 has equated India with China in their suppression of dissent and free expression and “systematic discrimination against religious minorities.”
What Is Human Rights Watch? Human Rights Watch is an US based NGO which investigates and reports on Human Rights Abuses happening in all corners of the world. It generally presents western ideology of seeing things. It annually published ”World Report” to highlight Human Rights Violation across the world.


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  • The US based NGO Human Rights Watch  has recently published its annual Report ”World Report 2023”.
  • Human Rights Watch has published its report on the status of human rights in more than 100 countries and territories.
  • Human Rights Watch has said in its annual world report that Authoritarianism across the world is leading to a “sea of human suffering”.
  • The 712-page report put a spotlight on the deterioration of civil liberties for women and girls in Afghanistan, as well as human rights in war-torn Ukraine, and that governments around the world were called to do more to uphold civil liberties.

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Human Rights Watch Report 2023 on India


  • The HRW said the Indian government had “intensified and broadened’’ its crackdown on activist groups and the media in 2022 while harassing rights groups through tax raids, allegations of financial irregularities, and use of the FCRA.
  • It said, the authorities in several BJP-ruled states demolished Muslim homes and properties without legal authorisation or due process as summary punishment for protests or alleged crimes.
  • It said, authorities arrested activists, journalists, and other critics of the government on malafide and “politically motivated” criminal charges, including that of terrorism.
  • It said, uthorities also “misused” laws in the name of forced religious conversions “to target Christians, especially from Dalit and Adivasi communities”.
  • It mentioned Bilkis Bano Case and said that the release of the 11 men convicted and sentenced to life in jail for the gang rape of Bilkis Bano and the murder of 14 members of her family highlighted the government’s discriminatory view toward minority communities even in cases of violence against women.
  • It said, in Jammu and Kashmir even after 3 years of removal of Article 370, the government continued to restrict free expression, peaceful assembly, and other basic rights there.
  • Human Rights Watch Report 2023 said that Human Rights groups, Social activists, and non-governmental organisations were harassed by authorities throughout the country through tax raids, the use of the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, and other allegations of financial irregularities.
  • The report appreciated the liberal steps taken by the Supreme Court of India, including the ruling to stop the use of the Sedition law, which was misused to arrest critics of the government and its policies. It also appreciated:
    • The court’s ruling on extending abortion rights to all women regardless of marital status.
    • The court banned the two-finger tests to protect survivors of sexual assault.
  • The report also criticised the Supreme Court of India for its verdict on whether Muslim female students can wear a hijab, or a headscarf, in educational institutions in Karnataka.


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What Did HRW Report 2023 Say On Our Neighbors?


On Sri Lanka

  • On Sri Lanka, it said the change of presidents in 2022 did not lead to any improvement in the country’s human rights record.
  • The new president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, cracked down on largely peaceful protests, imprisoned activists, and disregarded calls for justice for past violations.

On Pakistan

  • Pakistani authorities have intensified their clampdown on media, civil society groups, and opposition activists in 2022, while failing to protect the rights of minorities and other at-risk groups, it said.

On Nepal

  • The Nepali government was yet to pursue justice for conflict-era rights abuses.

On Bangladesh

  • Continuing abuses by security forces while increasing attacks against political opposition members raise concerns about violence and repression ahead of Bangladesh’s 2023 parliamentary elections.

On Afghanistan

  • On Afghanistan, HRW said Taliban authorities, since taking power in August 2021, have broadly imposed rules and policies that deny women and girls their basic rights and crush peaceful dissent.


How Credible Is Human Rights Watch Report 2023?


  • In the 712-page World Report 2023, its 33rd edition, Human Rights Watch reviews human rights practices in close to 100 countries.
  • But, undoubtedly it is partial at some extent and its language is more often similar to USs. Secondly, its more often criticizing African Countries, Asian Countries and Russia.
  • In case of India also, it is just presenting one sided story(Based On Leftist Mindset) without understanding the ground reality of the country. Its views on Kashmir, Minorities Rights, Abuses and Supreme Court’s Judgements are completely misleading.


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Who Published World Report 2023?

The US based NGO Human Rights Watch  has recently published its annual Report ''World Report 2023''.

What Is Human Rights Watch?

Human Rights Watch is an US based NGO which investigates and reports on Human Rights Abuses happening in all corners of the world.

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