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Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022

Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: Governance, Administration and Challenges- Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

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Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022 in News

  • Minister of State for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey in a written reply in Rajya Sabha informed about various features of the Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022.
  • He also provided clarifications regarding various features of the Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022.


Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022

  • About: It is conferred by Section 4 of the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 and in supersession of the Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2003.
  • Key Provisions: Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022 provides for setting up of following-
    • Advisory Committee
    • Project Screening Committee
    • Regional Empowered Committees



Key Features of Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022

  • Advisory Committee: It defines the role of the Advisory Committee which consists of 6 members including a chairman. It is restricted to advise or recommend with regards to-
    • Grant of approval under relevant sections in respect of proposals referred to it and
    • Any matter connected with the conservation of forests referred to it by the Central government.
  • Project Screening Committee: It is a five member body that is to be constituted in each state/UT for an initial review of proposals involving diversion of forest land. It will meet twice a month and advise state on following-
    • All non-mining projects between 5-40 hectares must be reviewed within a period of 60 days and all such mining projects must be reviewed within 75 days.
    • For larger projects, committee gets 120 days for non-mining projects involving more than 100 hectares and 150 days for mining projects.
  • Regional Empowered Committees: It will examine all the linear projects (e.g. roads, highways, etc) involving land up to 40 hectares and the use of forest land up to 0.7 canopy density.
  • Compensatory Afforestation: the applicants will be able to take up compensatory afforestation in other states/UTs where the cover is less than following cases-
    • Diversion of forest land in a hilly or mountainous state with green cover covering more than two-thirds of its geographical area, or
    • Diversion of forest land in a state/UT with forest cover covering more than one-third of its geographical area.


Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Key Provisions

  • About: Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 was enacted by the parliament to control the ongoing deforestation of the forests of India.
    • Forest Conservation Act is the principal legislation that regulates deforestation in India.
  • Key Objectives: Forest Conservation Act, 1980 aims-
    • To protect the forest including its flora, fauna and other diverse ecological components while preserving the integrity and territory of the forests.
    • Facilitate the growth of forest biodiversity
    • Prevent conversion of forest land into non-forested activities like agricultural, grazing or for any other commercial purposes and intentions.
  • Key Features: key features of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 are as follows-
    • Forest Conservation Act (FCA) makes the central government the main authority to achieve the objectives of the Act.
    • Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 makes provisions for punishment for violation of the Act.
    • Establishes an advisory committee to help the central government with regard to forest conservation.
    • Under the provisions of this Act, prior approval of the Central Government is required for the diversion of forestlands for non-forest purposes.
    • Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980 deals with four categories of forests- reserved forests, village forests, protected forests and private forests.


Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Proposed Amendments to FCA

Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 1980- Proposed Amendments to FCA

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