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World Asteroid Day 2023

World Asteroid Day 2023: In remembrance of the 1908 Tunguska catastrophe, June 30 is designated as “World Asteroid Day.” An enormous pine forest covering 2,000 square kilometers in central Siberia, Russia, was destroyed by a meteor airburst that triggered this incident. It is the largest asteroid impact on Earth that has ever been formally documented.

The main goal of World Asteroid Day is to increase public awareness of the possible dangers of asteroid strikes. In the case of an actual threat from a near-Earth object (NEO), it aims to inform the general public of the urgent need for communication plans. Asteroids or comets that approach our planet very closely are referred to as NEOs. Near-Earth asteroids have been found in excess of 16,000, according to NASA’s Centre for NEO Studies.

History of World Asteroid Day

After the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor air burst, astronomer Brian May, astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and cosmologist Stephen Hawking created World Asteroid Day in 2014. On February 15, 2013, a massive fireball traveling at a speed of 18.6 km/s entered the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia, and was destroyed upon impact. The asteroid is projected to have a diameter of 18 meters and a mass of 11,000 tonnes, according to NASA. About 440 kilotons of impact energy were released by the Chelyabinsk Fireball.

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution declaring June 30 to be World Asteroid Day in December 2016 in recognition of the gravity of the threat posed by asteroids. This global event’s goals are to increase public awareness about asteroids and advocate for protective measures for the environment. The event’s goal is to raise public awareness about asteroids and the preventative measures that can be done to protect the planet, its inhabitants, and the future generation from a catastrophic event.

Significance of World Asteroid Day

This day serves as a reminder of the devastating effects that asteroids can have on the globe and calls attention to the historical occurrences of Tunguska in 1908 and Chelyabinsk in 2013. We can better understand the catastrophic implications of an asteroid strike on Earth by understanding the cascade of events that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and had an effect on all species on Earth. It is also an excellent day to think about how to safeguard the planet from the possibly disastrous effects of asteroids.

Celebration of International Asteroid Day

During the celebration of International Asteroid Day, people engage in various activities to increase awareness and promote action.


  • Learning about asteroids, their characteristics, and their potential impact on Earth.
  • Sharing knowledge through social media, blogs, articles, or public talks.
  • Organizing educational events or workshops to inform others about the importance of asteroid awareness.

Conferences and Seminars

  • Attending conferences, seminars, and lectures organized by renowned organizations, scientists, and experts in the field.
    Participating in panel discussions and Q&A sessions to deepen understanding and exchange ideas about asteroids.

Research Contributions

  • Supporting scientific research efforts related to asteroids through funding, donations, or volunteering.
  • Collaborating with scientists and researchers working in the field of asteroid detection, tracking, and impact mitigation.
    Online Campaign
  • Participating in the online campaign on World Asteroid Day by using designated hashtags, sharing informative content, and engaging with others on social media platforms.
  • Spreading awareness through the creation and sharing of infographics, videos, and artwork related to asteroids.

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When is the annual World Asteroid Day observed?

Every year on June 30, people worldwide observe World Asteroid Day. This day, which was established by the UN in 2016, aims to increase public awareness of asteroids and their potential to have an impact on Earth. It is also a day to consider how to defend our world against asteroids on Asteroid Day.

What will the 2023 World Asteroid Day's topic be?

The United Nations has yet to reveal the 2023 World Asteroid Day topic. Every year on this day, a brand-new theme centred around asteroids and investigating their effects is revealed. Asteroid Day 2023's theme is anticipated to be released soon.

Who and when established World Asteroid Day?

In the year 2014, a group of eminent scientists and other individuals founded World Asteroid Day. The following is a list of the Asteroid Day founders.

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