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Women 20 (W20) Summit 2023 organized under G20 India Presidency

Women 20 (W20) Summit 2023: The Women 20 (W20) Summit is an engagement group within the G20 process that focuses on promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment, and women’s rights globally. It serves as a platform for women leaders, experts, and advocates to discuss key gender-related issues and make policy recommendations to the G20 leaders. Women 20 (W20) Summit 2023 is also important for UPSC Prelims Exam and UPSC Mains Exam (GS Paper 2- International Relations, International Groupings).

Women 20 (W20) Summit in News

Recently, the Women 20 (W20) Summit kicked off in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu in presence of Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, the Honorable Union Minister for Women and Child Development.

Women 20 (W20) Summit 2023

Established in 2015, the W20 serves as the official G20 Engagement Group, dedicated to promoting gender equity and addressing related issues.

  • Theme: The Women 20 (W20) Summit 2023 is being organized on the theme “Women-Led Development – Transform, Thrive, and Transcend,”.
  • Focus Areas: The W20 Communiqué emphasizes the crucial call to action under the presidency of India, focusing on five key priority areas-
    • Climate Change,
    • Women Entrepreneurship,
    • Gender Digital Divide,
    • Grassroots Women Leadership, and
    • Education and Skill Development.

W20 India Chair and Initiatives

Dr Sandhya Purecha, the W20 Chair highlighted the various initiatives taken by W20 under India’s Presidency, which include-

  • A Compendium on Women-Led Development,
  • First Respondent Framework for Climate Change,
  • White Paper on Health and Gender Pay Gap, and
  • Women Entrepreneurship.

W20 Summit 2023 Importance

The Summit of W20 will include various panel discussions in the form of side events and main events across the key themes.

  • In addition, the summit of W20 will include exhibition from grassroots entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu, supported by the Department of Rural Development, Tamil Nadu.
  • The exhibition will offer a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and creativity including exhibits by W20 Argentina and W20 Indonesia.
  • Through its deliberations, the W20 Summit is expected to pave the way for developing a cogent strategy to target gender-related issues and build a collaborative approach among G20 countries.

 Women 20 (W20) Summit Details

The Women 20 (W20) Summit is an influential platform that brings together women leaders, experts, and advocates from around the world to address key gender-related issues and advocate for women’s empowerment. As a significant engagement group within the G20, the W20 plays a crucial role in promoting gender equality, economic inclusion, and women’s rights on the global stage.

W20 Summit Background and Objectives

The W20 Summit was established in 2015 as part of the G20 process to ensure the inclusion of gender perspectives in the G20 agenda. It aims to amplify women’s voices, influence policies, and contribute to the economic empowerment of women globally.

W20 Summit Focus Areas

The W20 Summit serves as a platform for discussion, collaboration, and advocacy on a range of issues that impact women, including economic empowerment, education, healthcare, gender-based violence, and women’s leadership.

Promoting Gender Equality

One of the primary objectives of the W20 Summit is to advocate for gender equality in all spheres of life. It recognizes that achieving gender equality is not only a matter of human rights but also essential for sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. The summit calls for policies and initiatives that promote women’s access to education, employment opportunities, financial services, and leadership positions.

Economic Empowerment

The W20 Summit focuses on enhancing women’s economic empowerment and closing gender gaps in the workforce. It emphasizes the importance of creating an enabling environment that supports women-owned businesses, provides equal pay for equal work, promotes entrepreneurship, and facilitates access to finance and markets. The summit also highlights the need to address systemic barriers that hinder women’s economic participation.

Health and Well-being

Women’s health and well-being are critical aspects of the W20 Summit’s agenda. It advocates for accessible and affordable healthcare services, including reproductive health, and addresses the unique challenges faced by women in healthcare systems. The summit also emphasizes the importance of addressing gender-based violence, promoting sexual and reproductive rights, and ensuring comprehensive social protection for women.

Women’s Leadership and Participation

The W20 Summit recognizes the crucial role of women’s leadership in driving positive change and shaping policies. It calls for increased representation of women in decision-making positions across sectors and highlights the importance of women’s active participation in political, economic, and social spheres. The summit also focuses on promoting mentoring and networking opportunities for women to enhance their leadership capabilities.

W20 Summit Impact and Outcomes

The W20 Summit has made significant contributions to the global discourse on gender equality and women’s empowerment. It has facilitated the exchange of best practices, policy recommendations, and innovative approaches to address gender disparities. The summit’s recommendations are presented to the G20 leaders, influencing the G20’s agenda and commitments towards advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment.


The Women 20 (W20) Summit serves as a powerful platform to advocate for gender equality, economic empowerment, and women’s rights on a global scale. Through its deliberations and recommendations, the summit strives to create an inclusive and sustainable world where women can thrive and contribute to societal progress. As we continue to strive for a more equitable and just society, the W20 Summit plays a crucial role in driving change and ensuring that the voices and concerns of women are heard and acted upon.

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