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Justice Clocks, Promoting Awareness about Court-related Data

Justice Clocks: Justice Clocks are electronic signage systems that have been installed in court complexes across various High Courts. These innovative devices serve as a means to provide valuable information to stakeholders and raise awareness among the public about key parameters related to the courts. Justice Clocks are also important for UPSC Prelims Exam and UPSC Mains Exam (GS paper 2- Governance measures taken by government to ensure effective justice delivery system in India).

Justice Clocks in News

Justice Clocks have been installed in various court complexes of High Courts. Justice Clocks are basically electronic signage systems.

Justice Clocks Details

The Justice Clocks initiative aims to provide stakeholders with information regarding key court parameters and create awareness among the public by offering a comprehensive overview of court-related data.

  • Objective: In order to utilize the database generated by the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) and make it accessible to the public, LED Display Message Sign Board Systems have been implemented.
  • Funding: The e-committee has allocated a budget of Rs. 13 lakhs for each Justice Clock installation. This financial backing demonstrates the commitment to enhancing access to justice and providing transparent information to the public.
  • Implementing Ministry: Justice Clocks are the project of Ministry of Law and Justice.

Justice Clocks Features

The Justice Clocks, innovative electronic signage system, displays information related to projects like eCourts, Access to Justice, and Legal Aid to Poor, highlighting the benefits that citizens can derive from them.

  • The Justice Clock provides key details about the performance of district courts, including the percentage of cases disposed within different timeframes such as 2 years, 2-5 years, and over 10 years.
  • It also showcases information on legal aid programs and access to justice schemes, ensuring that citizens are well-informed about the resources available to them.
  • Currently, there are 39 functional Justice Clocks installed across 25 High Courts. The implementation of these clocks has been supported by the e-committee.
  • These electronic signage systems, measuring approximately 10×7 feet, offer information on court case disposals, available schemes and services within court complexes, and other beneficial information for citizens.

Justice Clocks Significance

The Justice Clock serves the purpose of raising public awareness about the justice sector, promoting departmental schemes, and providing status updates on various areas of interest. The Justice Clocks play a crucial role in promoting accountability, empowering citizens, and fostering a better understanding of the judicial system. The Justice Clock serves as a valuable tool to inform citizens about the various schemes and initiatives introduced by the Department of Justice.

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What are Justice Clocks?

Justice Clocks are electronic signage systems that are installed in court complexes across High Courts. They serve as a means to provide information and raise awareness about court-related parameters to stakeholders and the public.

What is the purpose of Justice Clocks?

The primary purpose of Justice Clocks is to bring awareness to the public about the justice sector and provide a bird's-eye view of court-related data. They aim to promote transparency, accountability, and understanding of the functioning of the judiciary.

What information do Justice Clocks display?

Justice Clocks display a variety of information, including the number of cases disposed of by the courts. They also showcase various schemes and services offered within the court complexes, such as legal aid programs and access to justice initiatives.

How many Justice Clocks are functional and where?

Currently, there are 39 functional Justice Clocks installed in 25 High Courts across the country. They are strategically placed in court complexes to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility.

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