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Who was Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha? | Assam Day Celebrations 2022

Who was Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha ?


  • Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha was a 13th-century ruler who founded the Ahom kingdom that ruled Assam for six centuries.
  • It was in Charaideo that Sukapha established his first small principality, sowing the seeds of further expansion of the Ahom kingdom.
  • Swargadeo Sukapha is a symbol of unity, good governance, bravery for every Asomiya to draw inspiration from.
  • Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha is widely referred to as the architect of “Bor Asom” or “greater Assam”.


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Why Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha and Assam Day in news?


  • On the occasion of Assam Day, or “Asom Diwas”, celebrated every year on December 2, tributes poured in for Swargadeo Chaolung Sukapha, the first Ahom king.
  • He is hailed as “architect of Assam”.
  • The day is also known as “Sukapha Diwas” in honour of the founder of the Ahom kingdom.

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Know About Ahom Dynasty


  • The Ahom Dynasty was founded in 1228 Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha in Assam’s Brahmaputra Valley.
  • He had crossed the Patkai mountainous region to reach the Brahmaputra valley.
  • The Ahom kingdom lasted for 600 years.
  • The Ahom kingdom had its own language and followed its own religion. Over the centuries, the Ahoms accepted the Hindu religion and the Assamese language.
  • In 1615, the Ahom Dynasty engaged in its first significant conflict with the Mughal Empire.
  • So, the Mughal-Ahom conflict first began in 1615 and continued afterwards. It was in this backdrop Lachit grew up in.
  • The Mughals conquered the Ahom capital of Garhgaon in 1662 but were defeated in later battles.
  • So, the Ahom rule is also hailed as golden rule in the history of Assam, they are also credited for keeping the Mughal rulers away.


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How Swargadeo Sukapha built Assamese society?


  • Swargadeo Sukapha was a great king & founder of the Ahom dynasty displayed a rare combination of intellect, valour, visionary, unifier which helped him to become one of the greatest leaders of Assam ever.
  • Sukapha’s significance lies in his successful efforts towards assimilation of different communities and tribes.
  • Sukapha developed very amiable relationships with the tribal communities living in Assam — especially the Sutias, the Morans and the Kacharis.
  • Under his stewardship, the Assamese society worked to become Atmanirbhar as it started manufacturing various weapons, tools, goods that made the society an invincible military power.
  • This strategic genius empowered us to regularly thwart any foreign invasion including the multiple ones by the Mughals.
  • The vision and value system that the great Swargadeo Sukapha ingrained while building the greater Assamese society still helps the Assamese society – to represent the Assamese society and Assam at the national as well as International stage with great pride.


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The priceless contribution of this great soul i.e. Swargadeo Saulung Sukapha to unify the various communities to build the greater Assamese society remains the cornerstone of Assamese identity. His ideals to maintain peace, brotherhood and integrity in society should motivate every Assame and every Indian.

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