UPSC Prelims Bits Today 12-09-2022

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Why in news?

ONDC To Make Debut In 1-2 Cities By Sept-End.

What is ONDC?

  • Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a network based on open protocol and will enable local commerce across segments, such as mobility, grocery, food order and delivery, hotel booking and travel, among others, to be discovered and engaged by any network-enabled application.
  • The platform aims to create new opportunities, curb digital monopolies and by supporting micro, small and medium enterprises and small traders and help them get on online platforms.
  • It is an initiative of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


Zombie Ice


Why in news?

Greenland’s rapidly melting ice sheet will eventually raise global sea level by at least 10.6 inches (27 centimeters) — more than twice as much as previously forecast — according to a study published in Natural Climate Change recently.

What is zombie ice?

  • Zombie ice, also known as doomed ice, is the one that continues to be a segment of the parent ice sheet but does not accumulate fresh snow. This type of ice is prone to melting and raising sea levels.
  • The study reveals that over the past several decades there has been less replenishment and more melting.
  • Considering that global warming is anticipated to worsen, the melting and its direct impact on the rising sea level could get worse as well.
  • It could climb up to 30 inches if Greenland’s melting record year (2012) works as a regular phenomenon.


Data Monetization


Why in news?

IRCTC withdraws tender for hiring consultant to monetise passenger data.

What is Data monetization?

  • Data monetization is the process of utilizing data to procure economic benefits.
  • Direct or external data monetization involves selling data to third parties independently or via a broker, data sharing to obtain beneficial business terms and conditions, and offering information services or products.
  • In India, the implementation of Data monetization strategies would have to comply with various Acts or laws, including the IT Act 2000 and its amendments, user data privacy laws, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and the current ‘Personal Data Protection Bill 2018.





Why in news?

The Arth Ganga model was mentioned by Indian delegates at Stockholm World Water Week 2022.

What is Arth-Ganga?

  • Under Arth Ganga, the government is working on six verticals.
  • The first is Zero Budget Natural Farming, which involves chemical-free farming on 10 km on either side of the river, and the promotion of cow dung as fertiliser through the GOBARdhan scheme.
  • The Monetization and Reuse of Sludge & Wastewater is the second, which seeks to reuse treated water for irrigation, industries and revenue generation for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).
  • Arth Ganga will also involve Livelihood Generation Opportunities, by creating haats where people can sell local products, medicinal plants and ayurveda.
  • The fourth is to increase public participation by increasing synergies between the stakeholders involved with the river.
  • The model also wants to promote the cultural heritage and tourism of Ganga and its surroundings, through boat tourism, adventure sports and by conducting yoga activities.
  • Lastly, the model seeks to promote institutional building by empowering local administration for improved water governance.

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