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Today’s(January 18, 2022) Important News Headlines

Subject  The Hindu Headlines Relevance(P & M)
GS 3 3 Gati Shakti: Gadkari meets southern leaders PM Gati Shakti
GS 2 6 India’s watchwords in a not so bright 2022 Q. A rules-based international order is a remote possibility in near future. Instead, uncertainty and impermanence are likely to be the dominant aspect of world affairs. Discuss.
GS 3 6 Just what the doctor ordered for the livestock farmer The M.K. Jain Committee
GS 2 6 Red lines 1. Taiwan issue
2. Q. China’s use of trade as leverage and as a method of coercion, which stands in stark contrast to its declaration in October 2021 on the 50th anniversary of its UN membership, that it eschews “power politics” and “hegemony”, is a matter of concern. Discuss.
GS 2 7 A mandate for Governors Q. Governors sometimes sit on Bills without giving assent or returning it “for an indefinite period” and there is a dire need to constitutionally mandate Governors to act within a time frame on files including legislations.
GS 1 10 Kathak legend painted a divine romance on stage 1. Pt. Birju Maharaj
2. Kathak
3. Q. Kathak exponents are actually kathaakars (storytellers) and they should tell the tales of their times. Elaborate.
GS 1 & GS 3 11 Impact of tsunami being assessed in Tonga 1. Eruption of a volcano in Tonga
2. Pacific Island
3. Tsunami
GS 3 12 SEBI mulls ‘alternate dispute resolution’ tool 1. SEBI
2. Alternate Dispute Resolution
GS 2 & GS 3 text(01) Inequality Kills: A study of the new OxFam report Q. How has the pandemic aggravated global inequality? What immediate measures should be taken to tackle this?
GS 2 text(02) For a reset in India-Nepal relations Q. Both India & Nepal need to do the groundwork for friendly dialogue and display sensitivity as they have a “special relationship”.

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