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Today’s(February 17, 2022) Important News Headlines

Today’s(February 17, 2022) Important News Headlines

In this daily series, we bring the Daily Important(Must Read) News Articles for UPSC Current Affairs(Prelims & Mains) Preparation, to make reading newspapers a simple, effective and time-saving task. We cover important articles for the GS paper of UPSC prelims along with four general studies papers (GS I, GS II, GS III and GS IV) as per the UPSC Mains syllabus.



The Hindu


Relevance( Pre & Mains)

GS 2 1 NATO, U.S. sceptical of Russian troop pull-out 1. Locate Crimean peninsula on Map
GS 1 5 Our bull races not violent as Jallikattu: A.P. villagers  1. “Pasuvula Panduga” (cattle festival)
2. Ugadi, Kuppam
GS 2 6 A case for a more federal judiciary Q. The Indian Federation though a dual polity has no dual judiciary at all. Elaborate.

Q. The High Courts and the Supreme Court form one single integrated judiciary having jurisdiction and providing remedies in all cases arising under the constitutional law, the civil law or the criminal law.” Discuss.

GS 3 6 After the Budget’s ‘crypto signal’, India awaits reforms Q. Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Q. Frivolous matters are making the judiciary dysfunctional as these matters waste important time of the court, which could have been spent on serious matters, pan-India matters. Discuss.
GS 3 6 Tenuous tack 1. Factors that influence Global Crude Prices?
GS 3 6 Signs of peace 1. Minsk II
2. S400 missile defence systems
GS 1 & GS 3 7 Unveil your minds, please Do you think neither religion nor culture nor ‘respectability’ can be used as an argument against personal choice? Discuss.
GS 1 7 The row over a ritual in Kerala Kaal Kazhukichoottu
GS 2 11 MEA sets up control room to help Indians based in Ukraine Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP)
GS 2 Text(01) EU’s one-size-fits-all policy for phone chargers makes Apple a misfit 1. The European Commission
GS 2 Text(02) Negative liberty Q. A stronger concern for the public good is a necessary concern of private liberty. Discuss.

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