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Today’s (11-04-2022) Important News Headlines

Today’s (11-04-2022) Important News Headlines

”In this daily series, we bring the Daily Important(Must Read) News Articles for UPSC Current Affairs(Prelims & Mains) Preparation, to make reading newspapers a simple, effective and time-saving task. We cover important articles for the GS paper of UPSC prelims along with four general studies papers (GS I, GS II, GS III and GS IV) as per the UPSC Mains syllabus.”




Relevance(UPSC Pre & Mains Exam)

GS 2 6 India’s role in a disordered world 1. Q. What role can India play in shaping a new, more democratic, world order? Discuss.
2. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)?
GS 2 & 3 6 Getting serious about supporting the care economy 1. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 2.  International Labour Organization (ILO)
3. What is the ”Care Economy”?
GS 3 6 Language no bar Q. Respect for multiculturalism and a pluralistic identity is a quality that the political class, particularly those in power, should imbibe. Elaborate.
GS 3 6 Belated pivot Q. Without curbing inflation, achieving sustainable growth is not possible. Discuss.
GS 2 & 3 7 The best chance for architecture 1. National Education Policy (NEP)?
GS 2 8 The no-confidence vote in Pakistan Impact of Pakistan’s internal Politics on India?
GS 2 11 Ukraine crisis to headline India-U.S. ‘2+2’ meet “2+2” Defence and Foreign Ministry dialogue between India -US
GS 2 12 SC underscores need for a holistic picture of convicts facing death penalty Q. ‘Mitigating investigators’ could offer judges a wide-angle view of a prisoner’s life experiences to help determine the punishment in a particular case. Explain.
GS 3 12 Bengal coast faces most erosion Q. About 34% of the Indian coastline is under varying degrees of threat. What step should be taken to overcome this? Discuss.
GS 3 12 ‘India’s learning poverty has shot up’ Q. There are vast quality gaps in private and public schools. How can governments respond to this transition? Discuss.

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