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Sydney Dialogue

Sydney Dialogue- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: International Relations- Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

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Sydney Dialogue- Context

  • Recently, the Prime Minister of India delivered a keynote address at The Sydney Dialogue. At Sydney Dialogue, he spoke on India’s technology evolution and revolution.
    • The PM’s Sydney Dialogue address was preceded by introductory remarks by the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Scott Morrison.

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Sydney Dialogue- Key highlights of the Speech

  • At the Sydney Dialogue, he noted recognition for India’s central role in the Indo-Pacific region and in the emerging digital world.
  • Noting the benefits of the digital age at the Sydney Dialogue, he said that the world also faces new risks and new forms of conflicts across diverse threats from sea-bed to cyber to space.
  • At the Sydney dialogue, PM said that the biggest strength of democracy is openness. At the same time, we should not allow a few vested interests to misuse this openness.
  • India’s Digital Revolution: At the Sydney dialogue, PM said that, as a democracy and a digital leader, India is ready to work with partners for shared prosperity and security.
    • India’s digital revolution is rooted in our democracy, our demography, and the scale of our economy.
    • It is powered by the enterprise and innovation of our youth. We are turning the challenges of the past into an opportunity to take a leap into the future.
  • Significant developments taking place in India:
    • India is investing in developing indigenous capabilities in telecom technology such as 5G and 6G.
    • India is one of the leading nations in artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially in human-centred and ethical use of artificial intelligence.
    • India is developing strong capabilities in Cloud platforms and cloud computing.

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Sydney Dialogue- Five Important Transitions taking Place in India

At the Sydney Dialogue, the Prime Minister of India highlighted five transitions that are taking place in India. They are-

  1. The world’s most extensive public information infrastructure is being built in India.
    1. Over 1.3 billion Indians have a unique digital identity, six hundred thousand villages will soon be connected with broadband and the world’s most efficient payment infrastructure, the UPI.
  2. Use of digital technology for governance, inclusion, empowerment, connectivity, delivery of benefits and welfare.
  3. India has the world’s third-largest and fastest-growing Startup Ecosystem.
  4. India’s industry and services sectors, even agriculture, are undergoing massive digital transformation.
  5. There is a large effort to prepare India for the future

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Sydney Dialogue- Key Points

  • About Sydney Dialogue: The Sydney Dialogue is an annual summit of cyber and critical technologies to discuss the fallout of the digital domain on the law and order situation in the world.
    • It is hosted by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute- an independent, non-partisan think tank that produces expert and timely advice for Australian and global leaders.
  • Sydney Dialogue 2021: Sydney Dialogue 2021 is the world-first summit for emerging, critical and cyber technologies.
    • The inaugural Sydney Dialogue summit was hosted virtually from Sydney, Australia on 17-19 November 2021.


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