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National Voters’ Day- History, Theme, and Significance

National Voters’ Day- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: Governance, Administration and Challenges- Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.


National Voters’ Day- Context


National Voters’ Day- Key Points

  • Background: The first-ever National Voters’ Day was celebrated on January 25, 2011, to encourage more young voters to take part in the electoral process.
    • Election Commission decided to launch a nationwide effort to identify all eligible voters who reach the age of 18 on January 1 of each year in all polling stations across India.
    • Such voters would be enrolled and be given the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) on January 25 every year.
  • About: National Voters’ Day is celebrated every year on January 25 to encourage the country’s voters to participate in the electoral process.
    • National Voters’ Day is celebrated to mark the foundation day of the Election Commission of India (25 January 1950).
  • Objective: The main purpose of the NVD celebration is to encourage, facilitate and maximize enrolment, especially for the new voters.
    • Dedicated to the voters of the country, the day is utilized to spread awareness among voters and for promoting informed participation in the electoral process.
  • Theme: The theme of the National Voters’ Day 2022 is ‘Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible and Participative’.
  • Key Events:
    • National Awards for the Best Electoral Practices for the year 2021-22 will be given to state and district level officers for their outstanding performance in the conduct of elections in different areas.
    • The newly enrolled voters will be handed over the EPIC during the National Voters’ Day event.
  • Book Launches: The National Voters’ Day 2022 saw the launch of the following books-
    • An ECI Publication ‘Leap of Faith: Journey of Indian Elections’ will be released.
      • The book narrates India’s electoral history and the growth of representative and electoral principles in India as it evolved from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century.
    • Another Publication ‘Pledging to Vote – A decadal Journey of The National Voters Day in India will also be launched.
      • The book presents the journey of National Voters’ Day celebrations by ECI from the Diamond Jubilee celebration onwards.

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National Voters’ Day- Significance 

  • Strengthening the Central Pincellar of Democracy: National Voters’ Day encourages the population of India to vote and thereby maximize the enrollment of voters. Hence, this day is of extreme importance as voting serves as the central pillar of any functioning democracy.
  • Promoting Good Governance: Representatives at National, State and Local legislative bodies are elected by people once every five years. Awareness about the power of voting will help people put the right people into positions of governance.


Election Commission of India (ECI)

Election Commission of India (ECI)

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