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JKPSC Civil Judge Salary 2024, Check Job Profile and In hand Salary

JKPSC Civil Judge Salary: JKPSC conducts judicial service examinations to recruit eligible candidates for various posts. This examination is conducted annually by JKPSC to fill the positions of Civil Judges. This post aims to provide insights into the salary structure of the Jammu & Kashmir Judiciary. Aspiring candidates can refer to this article to gain an understanding of the JKPSC Civil Judge salary and related details. Jammu & Kashmir Judicial Services judges are paid a good amount of salary along with various allowances and benefits. It will provide valuable information to candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in the Jammu & Kashmir Judiciary.

JKPSC Civil Judge Salary 2024

The Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission, which administers the Jammu & Kashmir Civil Judge exam to find qualified candidates, sets the Judiciary salary. Those who have their sights set on taking this exam should familiarize themselves with its specifics, including its prerequisites, format, content, and more. The Jammu & Kashmir Judiciary salary range for a JKPSC Civil Judge is between INR 27,700 to INR 44,770/- depending on the post. The position of JKPSC Civil Judge comes with a variety of perks and benefits. For information on the Jammu & Kashmir Judiciary salary and benefits, read on.

JKPSC Civil Judge Salary Structure

Candidates would receive monthly payment slips in which their JKPSC Civil Judge Salary along with the allowances and tax deductions would be mentioned. The salary structure would be as follows:

JKPSC Civil Judge Salary Structure 2024
Conducting Body Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC)
Post Name Civil Judge
Pay Matrix Rs. 27700- 770-33090-920- 40450-1080-44770
Location Jammu & Kashmir

JKPSC Civil Judge Annual Salary

The Jammu & Kashmir Judiciary salary is decided by the Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission. The JKPSC Judicial Services salary for a JKPSC Civil Judge ranges from INR 27,700 to INR 44,770/-. The position of JKPSC Civil Judge comes with a variety of perks and benefits of allowances. The government can revise the salary from time to time. The annual package for the JKPSC Judicial Services post-2023 varies from 3.3 lakh to 5.3 lakh per annum along with some additional allowances.

JKPSC Civil Judge In-Hand Salary

JKPSC Civil Judge Salary in-hand is granted according to the JKPSC which ranges from Rs. 27,700 to Rs. 44,700 per month along with the pay grade as decided by them. Besides the in-hand salary, there are many perks, benefits, and allowances that are offered to the selected candidate. Along with the basic pay and allowances, the recruited candidates will also get a raise in their in-hand salary based on performance.

JKPSC Civil Judge Perks and Allowance

The aspirants who are interested JKPSC Civil Judge Salary will also be interested in JKPSC Civil Judge allowances. In addition to a place to live, a steady salary, and other monetary benefits, judicial officers are also given housing and a budget for the upkeep of their offices and the homes of their staff. Following is the list of allowances and benefits received by JKPSC Civil Judge apart from Jammu & Kashmir Judiciary salary:

  • Dearness allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Telephone allowance
  • Electricity and water charges
  • Medical allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • Insurance coverage
  • Post-retirement pension
  • Specific location allowance
  • Other allowances

JKPSC Civil Judge Job Profile

The Job profile of a JKPSC Civil Judge carries significant responsibilities, encompassing a wide range of daily tasks necessary for the fulfilment of their duties. The aspiring candidates must know the job profile along with the JKPSC Judicial Services salary. Aspiring candidates must be eligible according to the official website notification of the JKPSC Civil Judge. Further, to understand the job profile, the candidate must first clear all rounds of the selection process. The job profile of a JKPSC Civil Judge comprises various essential tasks like deciding civil cases of different valuations, ensuring fair administration of justice, conducting hearings and trials, maintaining court records, etc.

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What is the salary of the JKPSC Civil Judge?

The JKPSC Civil Judge salary will be in the range of Rs. 27,700-44,770/- per month.

Is the JKPSC Civil Judge exam conducted annually?

Yes, the JKPSC Civil Judge examination is conducted every year by the Jammu and Kashmir Public Services Commission.

What is the selection process of JKPSC Civil Judge ?

The JKPSC Civil Judge selection process is divided into preliminary exam (objective), mains exam (descriptive), and personality test. Candidates should clear all stages of the recruitment process.

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