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International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session: India to host 2023 IOC Session

International Olympic Committee (IOC)- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: International Relations- Important International institutions, agencies and fora- their structure, mandate.

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International Olympic Committee (IOC)- Context

  • Recently, India Prime Minister expressed happiness over India being chosen as the host for the 2023 International Olympic Committee Session.
  • He said that it will be a memorable IOC session and will lead to positive outcomes for world sports.

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International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session 2023- Key Points

  • Historic Support: Mumbai (India) received a historic 99% of the votes in favour of its bid from the delegates participating in the process, with 75 members endorsing its candidature.
  • IOC Session 2023 Venue: Mumbai has been officially elected as the host for the 2023 International Olympic Committee (IOC) session.
  • IOC Session 2023 Timing: 2023 International Olympic Committee (IOC) session will be held in May or June next year.
  • Significance:
    • International Olympic Committee (IOC) session 2023 could possibly see the election for the host country for the 2030 Winter Olympics and sports program for LA 2028 Olympic Games.
    • India will be hosting this prestigious IOC meeting for the first time since 1983.
    • It is a step forward in India’s long-term goal of hosting the Olympic Games in India.
    • With a strong emphasis on youth potential, sustainability, and innovation, the IOC 2023 session will be one of the first steps to showcase India’s new sporting capacity.

India’s Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Olympics 2022


International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session- Key Points

  • About: An IOC session is the annual meeting of the members of the IOC, comprising 101 voting members and 45 honorary members.
  • Key Mandates: IOC Session discusses and decides on the key activities of the global Olympics movement including-
    • Adoption or amendment of the Olympic Charter,
    • The election of IOC members and office bearers and
    • Election of the host city of the Olympics.

Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme


International Olympic Committee (IOC)- Key Points

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC): it was created in 1894 and is the supreme authority of the Olympic Movement.
  • About IOC: It is a non-governmental sports organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Mandate: International Olympic Committee (IOC) is responsible for organizing the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme

Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme

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