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Today’s (02-05-2022) Important News Headlines

Today’s (02-05-2022) Important News Headlines

”In this daily series, we bring the Daily Important(Must Read) News Articles for UPSC Current Affairs(Prelims & Mains) Preparation, to make reading newspapers a simple, effective and time-saving task. We cover important articles for the GS paper of UPSC prelims along with four general studies papers (GS I, GS II, GS III and GS IV) as per the UPSC Mains syllabus.”




Relevance(Pre & Mains)

GS 3 1 April GST revenues go past ₹1.67 lakh crore 1. Know in detail about Goods and Services Tax (GST)
2. Impact of GST on the Indian Economy?
GS 3 1 In the Heat Of Battle 1. Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
2. IUCN status of Blackbucks
GS 3 1 e-Shram to help settle workers’ accident claims 1. direct benefit transfer (DBT)
2. Key benefits of e-Shram portal
GS 2 6 Third World War talk that could be hyperbole 1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
2. Q. A prolonged conflict between the ‘bread basket’ of Europe would have serious consequences for Europe as far as food security is concerned. Discuss.
3. Know in brief about Joseph Stalin, Churchill, De Gaulles and Franklin D. Roosevelt
GS 3 6 Ending AFSPA Know about AFSPA
GS 3 6 Mercury rising 1. India Meteorological Department (IMD)
2. Impact Of Climate Change on Global average temperature rise.
GS 3 7 Invigorating the Ayush industry 1. National Ayush Mission (NAM)?
2. Q. The Ayush industry has all the ingredients of success, to co-exist with the modern health systems, as a choice-based system of traditional medicine. Explain.
GS 2 8 The Delhi dual governance conundrum Know about Key Constitutional Provision on ‘National Capital Territory’
GS 3 8 The recent woes of the jute industry in West Bengal Q. West Bengal’s jute industry reeling under a crisis. What are the reasons for it? Discuss.
GS 2 9 Saudi Arabia offers Pakistan $8 billion in financial support Q. Discuss key factors due to which Pakistan has been facing growing economic challenges, with high inflation, sliding forex reserves, a widening current account deficit and a depreciating currency.

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