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How to Prepare for UPPSC Exam 2023, Tips & Strategy

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) has released the UPPSC Notification 2023 on the official website – uppsc.up.nic.in. The UPPSC Application Form has been released along with the official notification on 03 March 2023.

UPPSC Exam 2023

UPPSC Exam 2023 will be a three staged process which includes Prelims, Mains and Interview/ Personality Test. The UPPSC Prelims exam is considered as the most unpredictable phase in the whole UPPSC PCS Exam process. The reason behind this unpredictable nature of the exam is its vast syllabus and changing nature of questions asked in the preliminary exam. In this article, we will discuss the UPPSC preparation strategy that will help you in strategizing your preparation.

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UPPSC New Exam Pattern

UPPSC New Exam Pattern has been changed as the state cabinet headed by CM Yogi Aditya Nath has decided to remove the UPPSC Optional Subjects from the UPPSC PCS Exam while the Prelims will be conducted on the old pattern. The government is planning to add two more GS Papers in the UPPSC Mains Exam. The Syllabus of these newly added GS papers are yet to be clearly defined. It is expected that through these newly added UPPSC GS Papers, state Specific knowledge of candidates will be tested by the commission.

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How to Prepare for UPPSC Exam 2023

To ace the UPPSC exam in the first attempt, candidates must have a UPPSC PCS preparation strategy for each stage of the examination. The preparation strategy not only helps in the completion of the UPPSC syllabus within the stipulated time but also ensures that all the essentials are covered before entering the exam hall.

UPPSC PCS 2023 preparation strategy

UPPSC Exam preparation can take a heavy toll when it comes to years spent in preparation if there is no plan on how to achieve the goal in the given time. Following are the key steps that the candidates should follow in UPPSC exam 2023 preparation in order to ensure success in this attempt.

UPPSC 2023 Exam- Know about the Exam

Not looking at the questions and jumping directly into the books, is the first mistake that UPPSC aspirants should avoid making. The UPPSC  syllabus must be comprehensively known to the aspirants. Once you know the UPPSC Syllabus, you would be able to better prepare for the UPPSC 2023 Exam. We have already discussed UPPSC Syllabus 2023, check here.

UPPSC 2023 Exam- Build your Foundation

After looking at the New UPPSC Exam pattern, we would suggest you to start with the basic books. Read NCERTs and build your foundation. Do not try to just read it rather learn and understand it. Understand the topics and try to retain whatever you have read from the books, once you end any topic. Remember, retention, and not the accumulation of knowledge, will help you in clearing the UPPSC 2023 exam.

UPPSC 2023 Exam- Go a notch higher!

After covering the basic books, read the standard UPPSC books for the UPPSC Exam 2023. Some of the books are Spectrum for modern history; Laxmikant for Indian Polity; Shankar IAS for the environment, among others. This will help you in covering the syllabus, apart from streamlining your UPPSC preparation.

UPPSC Prelims 2023 Exam- Don’t forget the UP Specific Questions

In the UPPSC Prelims exam, a significant number of questions are asked from Uttar Pradesh specific topics like census, budget and other UP specific news. This is why UPPSC Candidates appearing in the UPPSC 2023 Exam must prepare well for the UP Specific questions. This will help in securing comfortable marks and qualify the UPPSC PCS 2023 Prelims exam.

UPPSC 2023 Exam- Practice Questions

The result needs to match the efforts. If you are not marking the answers right, there is something wrong in your preparation. So, do not keep practicing questions for the end, and make it an integral part of your preparation. There is no standard parameter of how many questions should be practiced, but ensure that you have finished the test series of any institute you are following.

UPPSC 2023 Exam- Revise properly

This is THE most important part of the whole preparation. Do not keep this exercise for the end. Keep revising regularly as what else will help you in retention of the vast amount of knowledge you have acquired in the preparation. Moreover, do not forget to revise the tests too.

UPPSC 2023 Exam- Make a study plan for UPPSC 2023 Exam

Whatever has been said above will make no sense if you are not preparing a self-study plan for UPPSC Exam 2023. Take your time and make a realistic plan for the UPPSC PCS preparation strategy that covers all the aspects of UPPSC preparation, as discussed above.

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General Tips for UPPSC Exam 2023

We are providing some tips for aspirants to follow while preparing for UPPSC PCS. Aspirants are advised to read the tips given below and follow the path to make the journey to UPPSC PCS a fruitful one.

1. Revision
Revision is very crucial. Confidence is good but overconfidence is dangerous. After preparing all the concepts, revise them carefully once again. Revise weak topics twice before the exam.

• Revise whatever you study
• Make short notes so that they can be helpful in quick revision.
• Divide your strong, weak, and moderate sections and work on them accordingly.

2. Accuracy
Though there is no negative marking, you still need to make check your accuracy because accuracy boosts the scores.

• If do not know the answer then quit that question.
• Try to solve accurately.
• Full concentration is needed to make your attempts accurate.

3. Time Management
Time management is very crucial.  Do not waste your crucial time on one lengthy question.  If you know that question would take your time then it is advisable to leave that question and move to the next question. Try to attempt lengthy questions at the last.

• Full mocks are helpful.
• Manage your time.
• Skip those questions which are time-consuming and lengthy.
• Concentrate on every question.

4. Speed
Speed is very important to attempt the exam on time. Both speed and accuracy are crucial. So try to work on speed.

• Practice makes the speed
• Attempt more and more questions to enhance your speed.
• Practice daily.
• Try to work on mind calculations because it saves time.

6. Attempt Mock And Previous Year’s Papers
“Practice makes the man perfect”. Attempt mocks and solves previous year’s papers. To boost your speed, accuracy, and knowledge.

• Previous year papers and Mocks are very helpful.
• It is helpful to diagnose your level of preparation.
• Check your mistakes and work on them to improve them.

A positive attitude keeps you confident during preparations and you do not waste time with unnecessary thoughts regarding the outcome of exams. Take good care of your health, because a fit body hosts a healthy mind. We hope that this will help you in sailing through UPPSC PCS Exam 2023.

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What is UPPSC Exam Pattern 2023?

UPPSC Exam Pattern consists three stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Is UPPSC Optional Subject removed from UPPSC Syllabus?

Yes, State government has recently decided to remove optional papers from the UPPSC Mains Exam. Instead, now there will two state specific GS Papers in the UPPSC PCS Exam.

What is the UPPSC Exam Date 2023?

The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission will conduct the UPPSC prelims exam 2023 on May 14 across various centers in the state.

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