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Analysis Of Sansad TV Discussion ”Global Ayush Investment & Innovation Summit 2022”

Analysis Of Sansad TV Discussion
”Global Ayush Investment & Innovation Summit 2022”


GS 2: Government Policies & Interventions
GS 3: Central Sector Schemes, Health, Human Resource


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Global Ayush Investment & Innovation Summit on April 20, 2022, at Gandhinagar in Gujarat.
  • The event was held at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat to drive rich content while advocating global understanding of Ayush education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship and sustained health across all Ayush systems.

Key Objectives

  • To bring together the country’s key startups, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and other national/international stakeholders for a specially curated event on innovation and make India
    a Global Ayush destination for entrepreneurship.
  • Promote Investment in Ayush Services, Products, and Education Sectors.
  • Promote Medical Value Travel for NCDs, CDs, and for Rehabilitation.
  • Promote India as a Global Wellbeing Destination.
  • Education and Research & Development.
  • Establish Ayush as distinctive investment brand (showcasing innovation models).
  • Adopting Ayush way of life for a sustainable future.
  • Strengthening Ayush Drug Delivery System.
  • Exchange knowledge on best practices on nurturing startup ecosystems.
  • Catalyze thought leadership through stakeholder engagement.
  • Promote Yoga as Therapy for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health.
  • Catalyzing entrepreneurs to innovate, to be unicorns.
  • Set-up roadmap to amplify the growth of Ayush sector.
  • Promote Post-COVID Rehabilitation through Ayush.

An Ambitious Sector

  • Market size of Ayush sector has grown by 17% p.a. from 2014 to 2020.
  • Ayush industry is projected to reach US$ 23.3 billion in FY 2022.
  • Ayush Products (Dietary, Lifestyle, Pharma) and Services (Medical Care, Wellbeing) poised to be the next mega growth sector.
  • With no restrictions on Foreign Direct Investments, Ayush sector has tremendous growth potential.
  • Ayush Pharmaceuticals (Generic, Proprietary) and Dietary Supplements fastest-growing categories and exported all over the world Ayush Services spanning Preventive, Curative, and Promotive Health across Hospitals, Clinics, and Wellbeing Retreats serving a global audience

Key Initiatives

  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced the launch of the Ayush Export Promotion Council and four Ayush ICT initiatives which includes Ayush Information Hub, AyuSoft, Ayush Next and Ayush GIS.
  • Prime Minister also released a comic book named ‘Professor Ayushman’, which describes how Ayush systems and products helped in fighting not only COVID-19 but other diseases also.

Ayush mark for Ayush products

This will give people all over the world the confidence of quality Ayush products.

Ayush parks

To encourage the promotion, research and manufacturing of Ayush products across the country.

‘Ayush Aahar’

To facilitate the producers of herbal nutritional supplements.

Ayush visa

Another major initiative for foreign nationals who want to come to India to take advantage of Ayush therapy was announced. India will soon introduce a special Ayush visa category.

What is ”WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine”

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of India signed an agreement to establish the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine.
  • This global knowledge centre for traditional medicine, supported by an investment of USD 250 million from the Government of India, aims to harness the potential of traditional medicine from across the world through modern science and technology to improve the health of people and the planet.
  • It will be the first and only global outpost centre for traditional medicine across the world and will emerge as an international hub of global wellness.
  • To know more about how this centre for traditional medicine will contribute towards global wellness.
  • India’s vision of One Earth, One Health and the critical role of India’s traditional medicine system in promoting better health outcomes and economic benefits for the world.

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