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EX DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022: Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 3: Security- Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate; Security challenges and their management in border areas.




  • A joint military exercise, “EX DHARMA GUARDIAN-2022”, between India and Japan is to be conducted at Foreign Training Node, Belagavi (Belgaum, Karnataka).



Key Facts about Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022

  • About: Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022 is an annual training event that is being conducted in India since 2018.
  • Countries involved in EX DHARMA GUARDIAN: It is a series of military training exercises undertaken by India with various countries.
  • Significance of EX DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022: Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN with Japan is crucial and significant in terms of security challenges faced by both nations in the backdrop of the current global situation.
    • “Exercise Dharma Guardian” will enhance the level of defence co-operation between the Indian Army and Japanese Ground Self Defence Forces.
    • This in turn will further foster the bilateral relations between the two nations.
  • Scope of DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022: The scope of the DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022 exercise covers platoon level joint training on operations in the jungle and semi-urban/urban terrain.

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Key Activities Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022

  • MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY Regiment of the Indian Army and Regiment of Japanese Ground Self Defence Forces (JGSDF) are participating in the exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN 2022 this year.
  • The aim is to share experiences gained during operations in order to enhance inter-operability in the planning & execution of various operations in the jungle & semi-urban/ urban terrain.
  • The 12 days long joint exercise schedule includes-
    • House interventions drills,
    • Raid on terrorist hideouts in semi-urban terrain,
    • Combat first aid,
    • Unarmed combat & close quarter combat firing where both sides will jointly train,
    • Plan and execute a series of well-developed tactical drills for neutralisation of likely threats.

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Ex Cobra Warrior 22

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