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Amrit Samagam | Conference of Tourism and Culture Ministers of India

Amrit Samagam- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 1: Indian History- Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.

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Amrit Samagam in News

  • On the occasion of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the Ministry of Culture has organized Amrit Samagam, a conference of Tourism and Culture Ministers of the country in New Delhi.
  • In the spirit of cooperative federalism, the Centre, States and Union Territories will work together to make the events of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav successful.

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What is Amrit Samagam?

  • Amrit Samagam is a two-day conference of the tourism and culture minister in the country with the aim to-
    • Reflect on the progress of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) so far,
    • Gather best practices and ideate on the strategies to be adopted for the remaining period of the celebration, especially for upcoming crucial initiatives.

‘Labarthiyon Se Rubaroo’ Initiative | Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

अमृत ​​समागम | भारत के पर्यटन तथा संस्कृति मंत्रियों का सम्मेलन

Key Activities under Amrit Samagam

  • The topics of discussion include landmark AKAM initiatives that involve mass public participation (Jan Bhagidhari) such as ‘Har Ghar Jhanda’, ‘International Yoga Day’, ‘Digital District Repository’, ‘Swatantra Swar’ and ‘Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar’.
  • It also includes a session by the Ministry of Tourism focusing on its significant contributions to the AKAM campaign.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav- Climate Change Awareness Campaign and National Photography Competition


Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM)- Azadi ka Amrit Kaal

  • Prime Minister has decided to celebrate the period of 25 years from Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to the Centenary year of independence as Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal.
  • This next 25 years is a period for collective efforts of 130 crore people of India and to see India at the top of the world, the Prime Minister has called this period as Amrit Kaal.
  • Gram Panchayats, Parliament and all government departments should work for the country’s progress, as the 25 years of Amrit Kaal is a period to fulfill this resolve for progress.

Azadi Ka Digital Mahotsav- Digital Payment Utsav


Key Facts about Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM)

  • About: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an initiative to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements.
    • Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav is an embodiment of all that is progressive about India’s socio-cultural, political, and economic identity.
  • Celebrating People of India: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is dedicated to the people of India who have been instrumental in bringing India thus far in its evolutionary journey.
    • People of India also hold within them the power and potential to enable the Prime Minister’s vision of activating India 2.0, fuelled by the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Beginning of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: The official journey of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” commenced on 12th March 2021 which starts a 75-week countdown to our 75th anniversary of Independence.
  • Categorize: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is envisioned to be celebrated in five categories –
    • Freedom Struggle,
    • Idea @75,
    • Achievements @75,
    • Action @75 and
    • Resolve @75


Azadi Ke Amrit Mahotsav se Swarnim Bharat Ke Ore | Seven Initiatives of Brahma Kumaris

Azadi Ke Amrit Mahotsav se Swarnim Bharat Ke Ore | Seven Initiatives of Brahma Kumaris

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