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Adda247 Launches “UPSC Test Mate Program” to Boost Civil Services Exam Preparation

Adda247 has launched its latest offering, the “UPSC Test Mate Program,” to provide comprehensive study material and resources to help aspirants prepare for the highly competitive Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations. The program is designed to assist candidates in their journey toward cracking one of the toughest exams in India. The Product will be launched at 6:00 PM on 27th May 2023.

UPSC Test Mate Program

UPSC  Test Mate Program

Adda247 has recently unveiled its highly anticipated “Test Mate Program” explicitly tailored for aspirants preparing for competitive exams such as the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), EPFO APFC, and EPFO EO/AO for the year 2023-2024. This comprehensive program is designed to provide a wide array of resources, including question paper PDFs, study notes, and essential reading material to assist candidates in their exam preparation.

What does the Product offer?

The program includes a wide range of reading material that covers diverse subjects such as history, geography, economics, politics, and current affairs. The reading material is regularly updated to ensure that candidates stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in each subject area. The comprehensive coverage of topics facilitates a thorough understanding of the subjects and aids in the effective retention of information. The Product Offers the following:

  • Full-Length Mock Tests – Exactly Based on Exam Pattern
  • Full-Length PYQ – Previous Year Question Papers (Year-wise)
  • Subject-wise PYQ – Previous Year Questions distributed Subject-wise
  • Topic-wise Tests – Topic-wise Mini Tests Covering the whole Syllabus
  • Subject-wise Full-Length Tests – Full-Length Tests covering a single subject at a time
  • Subject-wise Mini Mocks – Mini mock Tests to check the particular subject knowledge
  • Weekly Current Affairs Tests (Basic) – Current Affairs Mock Tests on a Weekly Basis – relevant for all exams
  • Monthly Current Affairs Tests (Advanced) – Current Affairs Mock Test on Monthly Basis – UPSC CSE Level
  • Revision Tests – Subject-wise Full-Length Mock Tests – For a final revision before the exam.

How the Program can be accessed?

Aspirants can access the UPSC Test Mate Program through Adda247’s online platform, which offers user-friendly features and a seamless learning experience. With this new offering, Adda247 aims to empower aspirants and enable them to achieve their dreams of becoming civil servants by providing them with the proper guidance and resources for success in the UPSC exams. The Program can be accessed through the product link mentioned below. The Product will be launched at 6:00 PM on 27th May 2023.

UPSC Test Mate
UPSC Test Mate

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