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Pi Day 2023 Poster, Theme, Symbol & Importance 

Pi Day 2023 is celebrated every year on 14th March since the year 1988. Pi is a mathematical constant and it is used as a unit of measurement for the area and circumference of a circle. Although the use of Pi is not constricted to the field of mathematics. Therefore, the enthusiasm of mathematicians and people associated with the field of mathematics skyrockets when it comes to the celebration of Pi Day as it is considered one of the most significant discoveries in the field of mathematics.

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Pi Day 2023 Overview

Pi Day 2023 is celebrated on 14th March annually. Pi Day 2023 celebrates the great significance of Pi in the field of mathematics and its influence over other aspects of the everyday life of people from various walks of life. Pi Day was first celebrated in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium by physicist, Larry Shaw.

Pi Day 2023 History

The history of Pi Day can be traced back to 1988 when an American physicist, Larry Shaw first celebrated t he Pi Day at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Later in 2009, the United States House of Representatives officially declared the 14th march as National Pi Day through a resolution.

3.14 (14th March) represents the first three digits of the Pi. Therefore, 14th March is marked as Pi Day. People celebrate Pi Day by organising programs in schools and colleges to promote the importance of Pi. Mathematics enthusiasts also eat Pi-shaped pie as part of the celebrations.

Pi Day 2023 Importance

Pi is complex and it cannot be represented by any common faction. Pi is a constant and it is represented in a decimal form which takes a never-ending and repeated loop of digits. Therefore, for calculation first 3 to 5 digits are taken into account. Pi is a unit of measurement used to calculate the circumference and area of a circle.

Pi Day 2023 Symbol

The symbol of Pi Day is the Greek Letter “?”. This symbol has changed the course of mathematical calculations since it has been discovered and proven mathematically as its practical application. The value of Pi is approximately 3.14 or 22/7. It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Pi Day 2023 Theme

The Theme for the PI Day 2023 is “Mathematics Unites”. The theme signifies that mathematics unifies not just the people from and within the field of mathematics but also people from all walks of life. As maths help people in everyday life with simple calculations of their grocery list to some complex fractions of splitting a restaurant bill among friends. Therefore, the theme of the Pi Day 2023 seems very relevant and appropriate for every people whose life is affected by maths.

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