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Teaching aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming Government Teaching Exams 2023 must have a detailed idea of the Important Days in March 2023. In every Teaching Job Exam 2023, questions on Important Days in March and in other months of the year are common. Therefore, the candidates must read and learn about all the essentially Important Days in March. To help the candidates prepare in a better way for the Government Teaching Job Exams, we have extensively covered all the Important Days in March 2023 in the below article.

Important Days in 2023

Important Days in March 2023

In the following table, candidates will find all the Important Days in March 2023 in detail. Go through the table below to know about all the Important Days in March 2023 such as Zero Discrimination Day, International Women’s Day, Mauritius Day and so on.

Important Days in March 2023
Date Important Dates
1st March Zero Discrimination Day
1st March World Civil Defence Day
1st March Self-Injury Awareness Day
3rd March World Wildlife Day
3rd March World Hearing Day
4th March National Safety Day
4th March Employee Appreciation Day
8th March International Women’s Day
8th March No Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March)
10th March CISF Raising Day
12th March Mauritius Day
14th March Pi Day
14th March International Day of Action for Rivers
15th March World Consumer Rights Day
15th March Ramakrishna Jayanti
16th March National Vaccination Day
18th March Ordnance Factories Day
20th March International Day of Happiness
20th March World Sparrow Day
21st March World Forestry Day
21st March World Poetry Day
21st March World Down Syndrome Day
22nd March World Water Day
23rd March World Meteorological Day
24th March World Tuberculosis Day
25th March International Day of the Unborn Child
27th March World Theatre Day

Important Days in January 2023

Important Days in March 2023

In the following section, the candidates will find the details on the Important Days in March 2023. The candidates will find the significance of the Important Days in March 2023, who started to celebrate and how it impacts the countries and the world.

1st March- Zero Discrimination Day

Every Year, Aero Discrimination Day is on the 1st of March to promote awareness against the prevalent discrimination in the World. Every day people face discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, height, skin colour, weight or race. The main objective of Zero Discrimination Day is to raise awareness of treating people with dignity and respect irrespective of their age, race, weight, skin colour, height, ethnicity and gender.

1st March- World Civil Defence Day

World Civil Defence Day is observed on 1st March every day. The International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) established 1st March as World Civil Defence Day in 1990 to commemorate the ICDO’s founding day. The main aim of observing World Civil Defence Day is to promote awareness and appreciate the measures taken for civil defence against natural and man-made calamities and accidents by ICDO. It honours the efforts, sacrifices, and successes of all services involved in disaster relief.

Important Days in February 2023

3rd March- World Wildlife Day

On 3rd March, World Wildlife Day is Observed since 2013. The United Nations General Assembly declared on 20th December 2013, during the 68th session that the 3rd March will be observed as World Wildlife Day. The objective is to awareness of the flora and fauna in the world and to protect them.

8th March- International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year to celebrate the contribution of women to every individual’s life. A woman plays a multifaceted role of a mother, sister, daughter, wife and so many others in every individual’s life. Therefore, International Women’s Day celebrates the strive of every woman and works harder to achieve global gender parity for them in every walk of life.

10th March- CISF Raising Day

CISF was established by an act of the Indian parliament on 10th March 1969 under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is an armed force that was established with the aim to provide security to strategic establishments such as the Department of Space, the Department of Atomic Energy, the Airports, the Delhi Metro, the ports, the historical monuments and the basic areas of Indian economy such as petroleum and natural gas, electricity, coal, steel and mining.

12th March- Mauritius Day

Mauritius Day is celebrated on 12th March every year since 1968 to celebrate the Independence Day of Mauritius. Later in 1992, the country became a Republic on the same day i.e., 12th March. Therefore, on Mauritius Day both Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with great enthusiasm every year.

14th March- Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March. Pi is a mathematical symbol, representing a constant. It is the circumference-to-diameter ratio of a circle, which is about 3.14. The date 14th March resembles the first three digits of Pi, and hence, the day is celebrated as Pi Day.

15th March- Ramakrishna Jayanti

Ramakrishna Paramhansa was born on 15th March 1935 and every year since his death in 1986, Ramakrishna Jayanti is celebrated on 15th March. Ramakrishna was the Priest of the Dakhineshawar Kali Temple in West Bengal and emerged as a spiritual guru for the masses. Swami Vivekananda was one of his disciples. Ramakrishna was a staunch devotee of Goddess Kali.

22nd March- World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March every year since 1993 to bring awareness to people about the importance of saving water. Today, more than 2 billion people in the world do not have access to safe water and if pertinent measures are not taken immediately then safe water will perish. Therefore, the UN advocates for people to save water and adopt sustainable ways to use water and improvise water management for clean water resources.

World Theatre Day – 27th March

World Theatre Day is celebrated on 27th March at an international level to promote the significance of the theatre, artists associated with theatre and the art of theatre. World Theatre Day was established by International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1962.

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When is World Civil Defence Day celebrated?

World Civil Defence Day is observed on 1st March every year.

When is the International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March annually.

What day is Celebrated on 27th March?

World Theatre Day is celebrated on 27th March every year.

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