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National Maritime Day 2023 Theme, Why this day celebrated?

National Maritime Day 2023

India is a nation with a long and rich maritime history that dates back to ancient times. It’s vast coastline and strategic location have played a significant role in the country’s development and economic growth. To honour this history and recognize the importance of the maritime industry, India celebrates National Maritime Day on April 5th every year. This year’s celebration marks the 60th anniversary of the first National Maritime Day in India, which was celebrated in 1964.

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National Maritime Day 2023 Overview

National Maritime Day 2023 is celebrated on the 5th of April annually.

National Maritime Day 2023
Event National Maritime Day 2023
Date 5th April 2023
Significance To commemorate the inaugural journey of “S.S. Loyalty,” in 1919 which marks a great feat in the history of India’s Maritime.

National Maritime Day 2023 History

The origins of National Maritime Day can be traced back to British India, commemorating the inaugural journey of the Scindia Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.’s first Indian Steamship, the “S.S. Loyalty,” in 1919, sailing from Mumbai to London. The Scindia dynasty of Gwalior, India, owned the second-oldest shipping company in the country.

India has a significant maritime history that predates British and Mughal rule, as mentioned in the Rig Vedas, which describe Indian ships and trade with western Asia. The Gangaridai Empire, the Chola dynasty, and the Mauryan Empire were powerful maritime civilizations in ancient India.

Archaeological evidence such as the Lothal dry dock discovered in Gujarat, which dates back to 2400 BC, suggests that it may be the oldest in the world. The Marathas, led by Chhatrapati Shivaji, later emerged as a strong naval force, resisting the British and the Portuguese for over four decades.

National Maritime Day 2023 Significance

The importance of National Maritime Day lies in its ability to raise awareness about India’s extensive maritime history and its current contributions to the country’s economy. It is a time to show appreciation for the sacrifices of sailors who spend extended periods at sea, far from their loved ones. Additionally, the day highlights the need to promote awareness about the maritime industry and its various aspects. As India continues to modernize its maritime infrastructure, National Maritime Day serves as a reminder to look forward to a brighter future.

National Maritime Day 2023 Theme

The theme for National Maritime Day 2023 has not been announced yet. The theme for 2022 was “Sustainable Shipping beyond Covid-19” and for 2021 was “Seafarers: at the Core of Shipping’s Future”.

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What is the National Maritime Day celebrated?

Each year, India celebrates April 5 as the National Maritime Day (NMD), which marks the inevitability of defending, shielding, and preserving our maritime zone.

Why do we celebrate National Maritime Day?

Since 1964, National Maritime Day has been celebrated in India on April 5. Indian National Maritime Day is celebrated on April 5 because, on this date in 1919, SS Loyalty, the first Indian flag merchant ship, sailed from Mumbai to London. Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd was the owner of SS Loyalty.

What is the theme for the National Maritime Day 2023?

The theme for the National Maritime Day 2023 is not yet announced.

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